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Why does a business need an after-hours phone service? Two words. Missed opportunities. Relying on voicemail not only projects the wrong image, but the inability of your customers reaching a live person can translate to missed opportunities and your clients contacting your competition instead. Do not keep handing business over to your competitors by utilizing voicemail.

An after-hours phone service is perfect for businesses that have a full-time staff during business hours, but need customer or client support when they leave for the day. This is the perfect solution for businesses such as attorneys, doctors, dentists, property management, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and any other business that needs constant availability.

Why miss out on an opportunity? Over half of after-hours calls generate revenue and will require a prompt response. When a client cannot reach a live person, it can diminish long-term customer relationships and may persuade a client to no longer use the business for their needs. It is much easier to keep an existing client than obtaining a new one. Build a loyal customer base by using an after-hours phone service. That way, a customer knows you are available at any time they need you.

Important calls are not always made during your posted business hours. Automated phone systems are frustrating to navigate during a routine call, but can be extremely difficult in an emergency. An after-hours phone service means your clientele will reach a live person and have their issues resolved immediately. With a customized script and factors, a representative can relay messages to the appropriate person(s), help clients, dispatch urgent calls, and even assist with scheduling. For businesses that require on-call staff – such as medical, dental, or utility companies – this type of service helps to limit distractions for on-call staff members by screening and classifying calls based upon customized elements you create. Some call centers have bilingual staff to help your non-English speaking customers with their issues as well.

An after-hours phone service is an affordable option to take care of your customers and offer them 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability. They provide that human touch in an increasingly automated world. Having your customers’ calls answered by a professional call center representative helps give them the impression that you go above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Looking for a company to help with your inbound call center issues? Westpark Communications has been providing call center services since 1968. They are more than just a call center – they are an extension of your business. Their representatives are highly trained professionals that are heavily screened and rigorously tested to ensure you and your clients always receive the best customer support. They answer calls within two rings and are always prompt and courteous. Your clients receive the same professional treatment they expect from your staff. Their clients include medical and dental professionals, home builders, legal firms, property management, and energy companies, among others. Get the best in the business by contacting Westpark Communication for all your call center needs.

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