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Choosing A Call Center For Property Management Companies

A call center for property management companies is proven to increase tenant satisfaction. The happiness of tenants stands in direct correlation to higher occupancy rates, more word-of-mouth advertising, and a stronger online reputation. This means outsourcing call center services can provide a significant return on investment.

To understand how a call center for property management companies serves tenants, it is important to understand why tenants take advantage of such services after hours.

Emergency Maintenance

Toilets overflow. Dishwashers get backed up. Heaters stop working in the dead of winter. There are plenty of reasons why a tenant might want or need to get on the phone with a live human in the middle of the night. The answering service can dispatch maintenance staff quickly and efficiently while reassuring tenants their problem will be handled.

Billing and Payment Inquiries

As the professional world demands more and more of its workers, it is not uncommon for tenants to need to address administrative issues on an after-hours basis. Offering an answering service that can meet this need is good for both the tenant and the firm. Payments are handled and collected far more quickly when after-hours support is available.

Security and Safety

In a high-end gated community, tenants may wish to request a patrol escort. They may also need technical support with gates and keypads. Having live humans who are available to handle these issues makes tenants feel safe and looked-after. It also ensures the property’s safety features continue to function as amenities instead of inconveniences.

Prospective Tenant Contact

Arguably, the landlord-tenant relationship begins well before the lease is signed. An answering service helps capture and track leads when sales opportunities come knocking after hours. The answering service staff can set appointments for the unit to be shown during regular business hours, but the customer still receives care at the moment of interest.

This means units are rented faster. When leads are captured instead of lost, the property management firm also recoups a greater portion of its marketing dollar.

Tenant Outreach: Another Possibility

A call center for property management companies doesn’t have to just passively wait for inquiries to come in. A proactive answering service will also conduct regular tenant satisfaction surveys. This allows landlords to pinpoint and correct issues before they become major problems. As these issues are addressed, landlords build the impression that they are responsive to tenants’ needs. This responsiveness will tend to make tenants more inclined to renew their leases.

Remember, a call center for property management companies can be highly cost-effective.

Most firms don’t have the resources to ramp up an in-house answering service. After all, that would mean taking on the expenses of operating an entirely new department, including salaries, benefits, new technologies, office space, and more.

Fortunately, firms can outsource these functions. Westpark Communications is an American answering service with decades of specialized experience, enabling them to help firms achieve more.

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