Outsource your E-commerce support services

Complete E-commerce call center services customized to your unique call-center requirements.

Missed communication can lead to increased cart abandonment. Failure to provide customer service can lead to frustration and delayed support, ultimately affecting the overall shopping experience and customer satisfaction. E-commerce call-center outsourcing can help you eliminate administrative overhead and make money while you’re sleeping. Westpark offers expert training and the latest technology to give your company totally personalized e-commerce call-center services. And you’ll be able to take orders via phone and web chat 24/7. 

Flexible, Accurate, Personal.

Westpark’s e-commerce support services include taking orders over the phone and via web chat. Because our agents are trained to your specifications, our process is accurate and consistent. And because we treat your customers just as you would, every customer contact is a personal experience. Avoid missed sales opportunities and an increased workload so that you can have peace of mind as you build more businesses or expand your e-commerce offerings. 

Multiply yourself through the use of a dedicated team

Disorganized or non-systemized training can lead to inconsistent service levels, increased error rates, and longer onboarding times. We handle all our e-commerce customers as if they were our only customer. That means we offer extremely customized, personalized e-commerce outsourcing. It starts with a team of agents who are trained in your order-taking process, then continues with this typical life cycle:

  • A customer has questions about your product or service
  • A trained agent handles the questions according to your FAQ’s
  • An agent guides the customer through the order process
  • The order is confirmed and delivery processed
  • The agent handles follow-up regarding order delivery status
  • The agent handles returns, issues shipping labels, issues refunds or exchange
  • If tech support is needed, that’s also available.

Why choose Westpark?

Advantages of outsourcing with Westpark:

  • Always available day and night
  • Bilingual customer-care specialists
  • Emergency backup communications
  • Reduce staffing costs by up to 80 percent (graph)
  • Grow business by never missing an order
Communication channels centralized and the information integrations in various software

Never Miss Another Call

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