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Supercharge your eCommerce Customer Success Model

Our representatives provide exceptional customer service by taking orders online or over-the-phone and answering questions about your product or service.

No contracts. Never miss another call again!
Call to get setup by a call center account executive 800-248-3238

24-Hour Live Answering

Whether you need support during peak hours, nights and weekends, or even on holidays, our agents answer the call anyday or time of the year.

100% US Based Agents

Be confident knowing that your customers will be speaking to local U.S. agents. We also offer 100 languages for multilingual support.

2 Rings or Less

99% of all calls into our call center are answered by a live agent in 2 rings or less, and the vast majority are answered in just 1 making sure you never miss a call.

50 Years Experience

Since 1968, Westpark Communications has been a trusted source for providing call center solutions to companies large and small.

eCommerce Customer Service 24/7

Order taking is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. When you take more orders by being available 24/7, you make more money. Thus missing an order is never an option if you own a business. You want to make sure that all customer calls are attended and have their orders processed on time.

However, that doesn’t always require more staff to be added to your team to handle these customer calls. Though you still have to deal with an overwhelming number of calls during the busiest times of the day while not letting the quality of customer service be compromised. You need a professional call center that can take orders online via web chat, follow-up on email inquiries, and of course, take those order over-the-phone.

We answer the call while you're away.

Taking calls and relaying messages is just the beginning of the services that Westpark Communications offers. According to small business research, nearly 25% of all leads come in after-hours. Therefore, being able to communicate effectively and professionally with those leads in a timely manner is imperative to business success.

Due to the current culture of instant gratification, once customers make a purchasing decision, they want to see results right away. If clients are not able to speak to a live person, do not receive an answer to their question or are unable to place their order, it is highly likely that they will do business elsewhere.

Why don't some outsourcing call centers perform well

Many companies have incurred a loss of approximately $62 billion per year through poor customer service since 2016, according to a concerning statistic released by NewVoiceMedia. One of the most important factors that make the wheel of a long- standing organization keep moving is a well-tailored and respected culture.

Culture is an integral part of everyone working in the company. Sometimes, call centers perform poorly because they have been affected by a merge or acquisition.

As much as an outsourcing company will want you to believe that these acquisitions are for the benefit of you the client, as a business owner you know how to identify any red flags that would lead to the loss of customers and revenue. After an acquisition happens, you can expect your experience to diminish as the acquiring company will be looking to cut cost, save, and be more profitable.

Imagine if you were used to a smaller service company that was focused on customer service; you may personally know the employees such as the answering service agents or the Client Service Managers. When the acquiring company introduces new processes and changes to management, that personnel may disappear.

These recent acquisitions cannot guarantee the same level of service you received with the previous company.

The new owner wants to extract as much profit as possible out of their new acquisition, so one of the first things they are going to do after they complete the acquisition is to raise rates universally.

Acquisition of these outsourced companies may lead to you paying more for a lesser quality of service in the long run, hence, affecting the smoothness of the relationship between the two parties.

How is Westpark Communications different?

Whatever reason you are leaving your call center for, it is never an easy choice to make. But it is necessary to keep your commitment to high-quality service for your customers.

Westpark Communications has been in business for 50 years and has helped thousands of businesses grow throughout the decades. Some businesses started off as “mom and pop” shops and now serve many customers nationwide all while having us as there through their growing process.

Looking to switch call centers?

Our commitment to you is to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible. You can stay with your call center during this transition while we provision your account, write your scripts, and walk you through what everything will look like via an interactive web conference or an in-person visit.

From our Client Services team to our Account Executives (and any team member that you communicate with for that matter), we will seamlessly walk you through every step of the way.

Our call center provides full-service customer support.

Customer services means more than taking orders or nurturing leads. We specialize in saving you time and delighting your clients through every stage of the customer life-cycle.

  • Call Escalation
  • Alert Monitoring and Communication Initiation
  • Order Processing and Shipping Updates
  • Lead Organization and Management
  • Billing Questions
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Shipping Labels

It is important for us to know your best practices in all areas of the customer life-cycle. This includes making returns, exchanges, or rescheduling appointments per customer request.

We are an inbound call center.

Hiring the service of an eCommerce Call Center allows you to focus more on the growth and development of your company and worry less about answering phones during high-volume call periods. A great eCommerce solution is equipped with highly-trained and courteous live answering agents that attend to all of your inbound communications in a timely and professional way.

Inbound call center services provide real-time call coverage for your business needs as well as outbound customer service. Professional customer support is available 24/7 on-demand. Top eCommerce call centers use cutting-edge technology to aid trained operators in promptly answering calls as well as processing orders seamlessly so that transactions become easier and faster for you.

Call center customer support is available anytime. Also, you do not have to employ additional people in your premises to oversee the proceedings. Not every business may be operating out of a physical address, and renting another facility just isn’t a viable option. If processing orders quickly is high priority for you, a wise decision would be to outsource the function to a professional call center.

We custom tailor solutions to your business processes.

The work that you put in during the day is valuable. The last thing you want is a call center that makes your job more difficult. At Westpark, we understand the importance of partnering with you to expand your sales reach and provide remarkable customer service.

Some of the most successful eCommerce businesses use commercially available eCommerce shopping cart systems. These solutions-focused systems allow for companies to quickly resolve client related issues by tracking and monitoring progress and communications. Many of our clients use these systems in order for them to effectively communicate with their most valuable clients. At Westpark, we are experienced with the many eCommerce shopping cart systems such as:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Zen Cart

Many other call centers do not have this technical capability and may ask you to alter your business process to accommodate their limitations. Regardless of the eCommerce system, CRM, or ticketing system that you use, our professional agents offer you the flexibility of working directly with your systems to manage your customer experiences in real-time.

Is a 24 Hour Call Center Right for Your Business?

Having an eCommerce call center to look after your customer communications means you can cater to more customers anytime of the day and expand your business.

How great does it sound that a professional order taking service is answering calls and processing orders for your business day in and day out, even while you’re asleep?

A 24/7 business choice is more viable, especially since the industry competition is constantly rising. By having a well-trained order taking team with great communication and customer relationship skills, you can maintain higher customer satisfaction.

You no longer have to miss out on business. Outsource the customer support component of your business to a skilled call center to not only increase your revenue, but also establish the relationship that you have with your customers.

Choose the Right Partner

When you choose a call center, you should choose more than just a bill you pay every month–you should choose a partner. A partner communicates with you regularly, understands your business goals, and works with you to provide the service you and your clients deserve.

No matter your size or volume, you could benefit from an eCommerce call center. Westpark has satisfied clients of all types and sizes and hopes to help you next.

Choose a partner, choose Westpark.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Climate-Tech has been very impressed with Westpark Communications from day one. Our previous answering service closed its doors with no notice and we found ourselves looking to get operations back up and running smoothly . . .We are very happy with their response to any questions that arise, any updates we need, and the staff is awesome. They are always sending emails or phone calls to make sure we are satisfied and that they are meeting our needs . . . Thank you, Westpark Communications, we consider you part of our family!"
Colleen Dawson Climate-Tech Inc​

Improve Customer Care

Our customizeable script-prompting system for calls, live web chat and emails result in seemless client interaction.

Never Miss a Call

Live answer agents are available 24/7/365, so you never have to worry about sending another client to voicemail again.

Increase Sales Leads

Not only will we answer your calls, we also qualify leads and set them up for appointments when they meet predetermined criteria.

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