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Property Management Answering Service Guide

Does this sound like you?

You likely are the type of professional who loves helping people find their dream home. Your communication skills are why you got into the property management field in the first place, that and to pursue the lucrative opportunities that real estate provides. You have made enough financial investments and have shelled out enough money for upfront costs to get off the ground. There are many ways that your money gets allocated; from getting licensed and driving from location to location to waiting for the commission check to arrive in the mail—any additional services better have a return on investment. And it better be the kind of investment that is aligned with your goals, that is, to sit back and watch the income roll in and stay involved only where you need to be.

Property Management Goals

Proposal RequestIncrease Profit

Q. What are the ways that property managers increase their profitability?
A. Retain high quality tenants and obtain high quality leads.

Q. What are the ways to obtain leads?
A. By qualifying leads no matter what time of day they come in.

That means not being afraid of online advertising or even diving into the traditional advertising methods such as radio, billboards, or tv ads, which trigger these types of inquiries. Or on a smaller budget scale, print ads, networking, and word-of-mouth advertising. Better yet, perhaps you have built your reputation to the point that customers come to you.

Missing Calls Means Losing Business

Due to all of the time spent outside of the office and attending appointments, it can be easy to miss a phone call. In the property management business, missing a phone call might mean missing a sale.

Customers are keen on having their questions answered right away. If incoming questions are not addressed in a timely manner, a customer will move on to your competitor.

Tenant Outreach

A call center for property management companies doesn’t have to just passively wait for inquiries to come in. A proactive answering service will also conduct regular tenant satisfaction surveys on your behalf. This allows property managers to identify and correct issues before they become major problems. As these issues are addressed, property managers build the impression that they are responsive to tenants’ needs. This responsiveness tends to make tenants more inclined to renew their leases.

Capturing Leads

When leads are captured instead of lost, the property management firm also recoups a greater portion of its marketing dollars.

Although the obvious solution to missed phone calls might be to hire help, it is not always the most cost-effective solution. Hiring an employee means paying their wages, offering benefits, and managing their schedule, which creates more work for you. Believe it or not, there is a better solution.

Hiring an answering service provides a cost-effective, realistic solution for property managers who are missing phone calls and sales. An answering service can train their agents to answer questions for a specific company, and even to assist in the sales process. Live answer agents ought to be knowledgeable, professional, and give customers only the best service, which means that your business makes more sales.


What's a reasonable price to spend on call center outsourcing?

The cost of outsourcing your call center is dependent on a multitude of factors. How many minutes do you need per month? Do you want to go the cheaper route and hire an offshore call center where English is not their primary language? Are there additional features and benefits that cost extra? Are there any long-term contracts that will impose additional costs if those terms are broken?

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Before hiring a call center for your business, make sure to fully understand the terms and conditions of their service contracts.

Save Time and Money

It’s easy to find people who are looking for a house or an apartment, however it takes strong management skills to make sure your reputation is top notch so that the most lucrative leads keep coming back and even referring their friends and colleagues to you. Delivering on promises, returning calls, and staying on top of tenant requests are responsibilities you will have to handle before you can take the back seat in managing your properties.

If you can manage your reputation in a way that you become the go-to person for all lucrative showings, well that is the end all be all as far as Marketing is concerned. When an emergency call comes in, it not only takes time to answer the call, it also takes time to find a person to respond to it.

Good Customer Service Creates Referrals

The best tool for a property management business is word-of-mouth advertising. Customers refer their friends, family and business connections that provide the best leads for properties. It takes a lot of time and effort for a property management business to get good reviews, however, it does not take as many bad experiences to generate negative reviews. A quick look on a review site such as Yelp, or at the ratings on a Facebook business page will show that in many cases negative reviews outweigh positive reviews. People possess the desire to keep their friends from having a bad experience, and if that means posting it for the world to see, they will do it.

In order to keep bad reviews off of the internet, a business must do everything in their power to create the best experience for the customer. Creating the best experience means keeping the property in top-notch shape, screening new tenants, and of course, providing only the best customer service.

If a call goes unanswered multiple times, or a tenant does not get the answer that they need quickly, you can almost guarantee a negative review will appear on the internet to be seen by potential customers.

Can an Answering Service Strengthen Your Business Strategy?

What strategy will you take to hire the right help in a cost-effective manner? The amount of money you invest into outsourcing your communications combined with the amount of time you want to put into handling phone calls, texts, and emails yourself depends on how close or how far you are at in getting to your financial goals. You might have to invest a lot of time upfront, but as you continue to grow Westpark Communications can implement your best practices and grow with you, from relaying messages to providing full-service customer support to your tenants. Whoever you partner with to reach your goals will need to be flexible by scaling their communication services up or down as you see fit.

Our Services

Live Answering Call Center

Our live answer agents will take and relay messages for your business via phone, email, web chat, or fax. They will transfer your calls to the right person and take messages while the office is closed or while you are away.

We are staffed with bilingual agents with English as their primary language. In addition, we have access to over 100 languages for multilingual support.

Westpark Communications will take your calls with 24/7 availability including weekend coverage. Our generous hours include holidays, after hours, overnight, and help with phone call overflow.

Live Answering with Westpark Communications will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Never Miss a Call While Away
  • Save Time
  • Manage Reputation
  • This Solution Is Designed for the Professional Who Is Looking to Capture Leads and Save Time & Money

Full-Service Customer Support

If you need for us to do more than to take and relay messages for your organization, we offer a full-service customer support call center that is customized to fit your company brand.

With this option, our live answer agents will also answer inbound and outbound calls, perform tasks such as order entry, employee check-ins, and will prevent routine calls from being escalated to you. They will schedule and update customer information in your calendar, CRM, or scheduling platform in real-time.

Full-Service Customer Support with Westpark Communications will gear you toward the passive income opportunities and help seasoned professionals get to the more aggressive part of their goals by helping to:

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Profit
  • Boost Efficiency
  • This Solution Is Designed for the Professional Who Only Wants to Deal With Communications If Deemed Necessary

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Reputation Management

Most tenants pay a fair price to rent a property for which the contract reads that all of their needs will be taken care of. When a tenant has to wait for an emergency issue to be addressed, their satisfaction in the company decreases, and they become less likely to renew their lease for another year. Property owners also want urgent needs to be taken care of in a timely fashion because they have the potential to cause damage to their property. If a leak continues for too long, or a door is slammed too many times to stay shut, there can be lasting damage that is costly to fix.

Property Managers can benefit by having representatives handle major issues and can achieve customer happiness by using an after hours answering service.

Emergency Maintenance

Property managers receive phone calls and inquiries constantly about emergency tenant needs. Pipes break, toilets leak, heaters stop working, the air conditioning freezes—if something can go wrong in a building, it will. However, housing emergencies don’t just happen during business hours. In fact, most calls regarding repairs happen before or after the 9-5 workday, because that is when tenants are home. Furthermore, even if the tenant is able to call during business hours, the call is most likely missed due to the busy schedules of property owners.

When an emergency call comes in, it not only takes time to answer the call, it also takes time to find a person to respond to it. Although many property managers are handy and can make many repairs themselves, sometimes the repairs needed are too complicated. If the property manager is able to make the repair, they may not have the time to do it and may need to have the job outsourced.

Tenant Safety and Security

Disturbances in community living or industrial buildings can impact the tenant perception of the properties that you manage. While no property manager can guarantee the safety of their tenants, your customers will feel safer if they are able to talk to someone who can address their concerns right away. Full-service customer support with Westpark Communication does more than just answer the call.

In a high-end gated community, tenants may wish to request a patrol escort. They may also need technical support with gates and keypads. Having live people who are available to handle these issues makes tenants feel safe and looked-after.

Request a Proposal

Not only does an answering service answer calls that an owner doesn’t have time for, they also are able to provide a quick response and get tenant needs taken care of. Live Answer agents at Westpark Communications can be taught what types of situations warrant an immediate response. For the situations that need attention right away, agents can be provided with a list of companies and resources that the business owner prefers, and be able to contact them to take care of the issue.

Remember, a call center for property management companies can be highly cost-effective!

Most firms don’t have the resources to ramp up an in-house answering service. After all, that would mean taking on the expenses of operating an entirely new department, including salaries, benefits, new technologies, office space, and more.

Fortunately, property managers can outsource these functions. Westpark Communications is a US based answering service with decades of specialized experience, enabling us to help property managers achieve more.

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