When Westpark Communications Might Not Be a Good Match For You

Westpark Communications has been a U.S.-based outsourcing call center agency since 1968. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate with your business, unburdening you from the calls you don’t want to take. However, our expertise might not align with every business’s needs, and it’s important to us that your company finds the right support it’s looking for.

Partner With a Call Center That Meets All Your Needs

Before we begin, it’s best to know ahead of time if your needs fall beyond the scope of what we can deliver to you. If we find that we’re not a good match, we are committed to guiding you toward a solution that fits your business’s needs better.

Westpark Communications is Not a Good Match For Your Business if…

Westpark Cold Calling

You’re Looking For Residential Cold Calling Services

While we are happy to manage incoming leads and make outbound calls on warm leads generated through marketing endeavors and web traffic (contact us forms), cold calling is a challenging market due the challenging FCC codes and the hefty fines associated with them. Cold calls often do not have a high ROI, making the solution less effective. We encourage our partners to streamline their efforts by driving their outbound campaigns by focusing them on warm leads generated through marketing endeavors and web traffic. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these strategies with you.

You Need Outbound Telemarketing, or Telesales

Our team does an exceptional job placing outbound calls in response to incoming web leads and web inquiries about our client’s products and services.  We also make outbound customer service-related calls on behalf of our clients.   However, we do not generate lead lists or make outbound cold calls from a list, attempting to sell products/services or schedule appointments. Other solutions that specialize in generating lead lists and making outbound cold calling telesales calls may better serve your business.

Westpark Telemarketing
Westpark Outbound Calls

You Require High Complexity w/ Low Volume

While we do everything in our power to provide comprehensive account-specific training for our agents, there is a delicate balance between retention and exposure. If call volume is too low to maintain familiarity with complex processes, our service might not meet your speed or efficiency expectations. We would love the opportunity to grow with you and start off with services that will scale with your growth.

You Aren't Looking for a Partnership

We want to help your business succeed. We partner with our clients to find solutions that work to create a positive experience for them and their customers. We pride ourselves on optimizing efficiency and creating positive experiences, but it can be challenging when we have limited insights into your goals, strategies, and challenges. We aim to please and want to work with our clients to do this.

Westpark Communications handshake
Westpark Communications You Expect Perfection

You Expect Perfection Right Out Of The Gate

Our team has comprehensive training, and our Client Success Onboarding Specialists will work with you to anticipate needs before your account launches. However, with any customer service, there are lessons to be learned. We will partner with you to address, shift, and overcome any and all obstacles that may arise through automation, optimization, and training.

You Require Server Management and Tier 2 Technical Support

While our team has worked to submit service requests and take messages to relay to on-call support, we are not equipped to manage server administration or offer high-level technical support.

Westpark Communications Server Management
Westpark Communications Medical Staff Onsite

You Need On-Staff Nursing or Specialized Medical Staff

While we can take messages for your medical professionals to alert them to patient concerns, we do not have medical staff on-site that would be able to direct patients on their medical needs.

If You Think We’re Still a Good Match…

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