Westpark Volunteered at the Houston Foodbank

Houston Food Bank – The “Unsorted Project”

Westpark volunteered at the Houston Food bank again this past Saturday!
Air hug to all who volunteered and to all who wanted to but just weren’t able!


Front Row, Left to Right: Ted & Kathie Edwards, Laura & Connor (Laura’s son), Faith & Rodolfo (Faith’s spouse)

Back Row, Left to Right: Alyssa (Laura’s Daughter), Alyssa, Brandon & Monica, Raphael (Faith’s son)


Awww, look at this beautiful power couple Kathie & Ted leading by Example!

Don’t you just love their smiles!

This was the first time Westpark was assigned a new area to volunteer in. It was the “Unsorted Project” … No more easy assembly line. It was time to work!


After we sort the non-perishable food items, it goes to the carousel to be sorted again, to go to senior boxes or to different partner agencies that send food to give to their community in that area.


You can see this time we all have gloves on because it involved cleaning the containers from spills, checking for expiration dates, throwing away damaged items and repackaging the food that was donated from different organizations into clean Apple boxes.


Look at these two amazing families! The Gonzalvo and Lehne Family Sorting & Cleaning Away!


We took our break!


And a few more pics!


It’s a great feeling knowing that we were making a difference in other people’s lives and able to give to our community and those in need!


We had a great time! We hope to see you all next time!

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