Our Call Center Training

Our training program provides the essential skills necessary to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. We provide continuous coaching and training to both new and tenured agents.

Our Team

 The training team is made up of 3 innovative personnel with 10 plus years of experience with the essential skills for proficient communications skills. 

Using a state-of-the art Learning Management System we are able to customize and create specialized training to deploy  to our agents. This ensures all agents are kept up-to-date on their knowledge and skills. 

Our staff includes seasoned trainers, agents and Customer Service Representatives who ensure that every Westpark client gets the continuous experience they expect.

Introductory Training

Introductory training is provided to new employees so they can quickly learn our services and processes. This training includes:

  • the organizational structure and sources of help and expertise
  • a 600-square-foot fully interactive training center
  • procedures for handling and recording details of customer calls
  • call-center computer technologies
  • role playing to develop good customer-handling techniques.

New-Account Training

Our training team provides new-account training for all call-center agents. This includes an overview of the company, features and benefits of the products and services, and reference training material, such as scripts and frequently-asked questions to help them with customer inquiries.

Customized Training

We encourage our clients who have more complex product sales and support to participate in training. We offer this on-site if it is convenient for them, or online if it is not convenient. When we onboard new clients, we assign a dedicated Customer Service Representative to work with the Sales Rep and the training team. This system ensures that every client gets the level of service they need to develop training materials and design a training program that works for them.

Call handling can be customized by the day of the week and the time of day, to mesh with our client’s needs during their business hours, extended business hours and/or after hours.

Westpark Communications Group of Agents Instructor Teaching


Changes in call-center technology and customer preferences make technical training an important part of our training program. In addition to traditional telephone calls, customers contact us by e-mail, text messages, web chat and instant messages. Our technical training ensures that agents can deal effectively with all forms of customer communication.


With the assistance of our quality-assurance team, our trainers monitor the performance of call- center agents to ensure they achieve productivity targets and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. Trainers assess performance by identifying trends and individual performance. Our trainers are able to develop training programs to rectify problems and improve performance by providing individual coaching and knowledge quizzes.


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