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A Case Study in Providing Solutions for eCommerce for Manufacturers


Seven years ago, Westpark Communications forged a partnership with a multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances, operating as a third-party private-label manufacturer of air purifiers for a major company. This client specializes in manufacturing air purifiers and providing full-service customer support, including warranty management and shipping. The client’s mission is to provide clean air living by offering high-quality air purifiers that reduce allergens, improve air quality, and mitigate health risks like allergies, asthma, and viral transmission. In addition, the client provides comprehensive warranty programs, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The Client’s Initial Challenge

Securing a contract with a major brand posed a significant challenge for the client, as it necessitated establishing a robust eCommerce customer support system to meet stringent Service-Level Agreement (SLA) requirements. Recognizing the critical importance of providing exemplary customer service to uphold their reputation and meet the expectations of the brand partner, the client sought out Westpark Communications’ expertise. This marked the beginning of a pivotal partnership aimed at revolutionizing the client’s customer support operations to align with the standards expected by the major brand. Through collaborative efforts and strategic planning, Westpark Communications and the client embarked on a journey to transform their customer support infrastructure, ensuring it effectively handled the demands of their new partnership with the major brand.

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Collaborating and Implementing Solutions

In response to the client’s need for a robust customer support system, Westpark Communications took charge of implementing a comprehensive solution tailored to their requirements. This involved a meticulous process that included scripting, training, and seamless technology integration. Through close collaboration with the client, Westpark ensured that every aspect of the system aligned with their specific needs and goals. The implementation phase marked a crucial step in enhancing the client’s customer support capabilities, setting the stage for improved efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Custom Service Solutions

A range of communications solutions were implemented to address the challenges faced by the client. These solutions encompassed various aspects of customer support, including:

These solutions collectively enhanced the client’s ability to deliver exceptional customer service and uphold their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Metrics and Reports for Better Efficiency

The reporting system we implemented played a pivotal role in providing executives and managers with real-time insights into the performance of customer support operations. Detailed reports on key performance indicators, such as call response times, call volumes, and service levels, were generated regularly.

These reports were accessible via a web portal, allowing executives and managers to monitor the effectiveness of the customer support system and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations further. Customized analytics provided deeper insights into specific aspects of customer interactions, facilitating continuous improvement and enhancing overall performance.

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Benefits and Results

Significant benefits and results were realized in the years since the partnership between Westpark Communications and the client was formed. The collaboration resulted in improved efficiency, enabling the client to redirect their focus towards enhancing product quality and innovation. By entrusting customer support operations to Westpark Communications, the client achieved compliance with Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) and maintained rapid response times to customer inquiries and issues. This improvement in efficiency not only streamlined customer support processes but also contributed to overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The partnership resulted in:

- Improved efficiency

  • In the latest queue productivity report (for March 2024), 100% of all calls were answered, with an average duration of under 7 minutes and an average wrap-up time of seven seconds.

  • These calls were managed from 7 AM to 8 PM, with coverage extending beyond these hours.

  • Notably, there were no early hang-ups or call abandonments during this timeframe.

- Compliance with SLAs, and

- Enhanced focus on product quality and innovation.


In conclusion, Westpark’s solutions effectively addressed the challenges faced by the client, resulting in tangible benefits and ensuring exceptional customer support for eCommerce operations. Through implementing a comprehensive customer support system, including tailored scripting, training, and tech integration, Westpark successfully streamlined processes and improved efficiency. The close collaboration between Westpark and the client facilitated the development of tailored solutions that met specific needs and requirements. Ultimately, this partnership led to improved customer satisfaction, compliance with Service-Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, and enhanced focus on product quality by allowing the client to delegate customer service operations effectively.

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