Providing 24/7 Support For Home Service Businesses to Improve Service Availability and Lead Capture

An HVAC, Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical Company Case Study:

Providing 24/7 Support For Home Service Businesses to Improve Service Availability and Lead Capture

Client Background

In 2015, Westpark Communications began collaborating with a prominent Houston-based HVAC, plumbing, heating, and electrical company. This client specializes in residential and commercial services, with a greater emphasis on residential operations. Recognized for their dedication to customer relationships, they offer a maintenance membership program that ensures regular inspections and services through an annual subscription.

Client Challenges

While possessing their own dedicated in-house call center, the client previously operated their offices only during standard business hours. This limited schedule led to missed calls and lost service opportunities during off-hours, weekends, and holidays—critical times when their service teams were active in the field. Given their philosophy of “Every lead is a good lead” and their acceptance of jobs of varying sizes, the requirement for consistent, around-the-clock call center support was evident.

Custom Solutions Delivered By Westpark Communications

To effectively address their unique challenges, Westpark Communications devised custom solutions to optimize call management and enhance service responsiveness. These focused on maximizing operational efficiency and service coverage to meet the client’s needs.

Westpark HVAC Call Center Agents

Rollover Support for Overflow

Strategic overflow support manages excess calls during peak times to prevent service disruptions.

Disaster Redundancy

Ensured continuous operation through disaster redundancy planning, safeguarding against potential downtimes.

Westpark Communications Agents Servicing Clients Online

Seamless Integration

Fostered a seamless operational flow between the client’s in-house team and Westpark’s call centers, enhancing overall customer handling.

System Integration

Integrated with the client’s existing ServiceTitan platform to streamline work order requests and scheduling.

Westpark Service Titan

Enhanced Availability

Extended support to cover after-hours, weekends, and holidays, significantly improving service availability.

Reporting and Analysis

Implemented web portals for real-time reporting on daily, weekly, and monthly answer rates, facilitating data-driven improvements.

Westpark Electrician on Phone

Results and Impact

The partnership between Westpark Communications and the client has yielded significant improvements in customer service operations, demonstrating the effectiveness of our custom solutions. These enhancements have streamlined operations and fortified the client’s ability to offer a superior customer experience.

Westpark Client On Call

Reduction in Hold Times

Significant improvements in hold times enhanced customer interactions.

Customer-Centric Service

The partnership enabled the client to offer their customers a more responsive and reassuring experience, especially in urgent situations.

Westpark Plumbing Client Handshake
Westpark Communication Headshots and Working photos 2020

Expansion and Standardization

Due to the success in Houston, the client expanded Westpark’s services to additional business units in North Texas. The practices and systems developed for their Houston business unit have since become standardized in their operations across all their locations.

Snapshot of Success

Implementing Westpark Communications’ custom solutions has led to quantifiable improvements across all their business units. These statistics highlight the significant increase in service requests handled and total calls answered, showcasing the effectiveness of the solutions in capturing and managing customer interactions effectively.

Business Unit #1

Managed over 6,000 service requests and answered 7,000 total calls that would otherwise have been missed by the client within the last year.

Business Unit #2

Handled 2,600 service requests and responded to 5,000 total calls that would otherwise have been missed by the client within the last year.

Business Unit #3

Processed 7,000 service requests and answered 13,000 total calls that would otherwise have been missed by the client within the last year.


Westpark Communications’ partnership with this client illustrates how tailored 24/7 support solutions can capture more leads. By providing comprehensive after-hours support and integrating sophisticated call management systems, we have improved their operational efficiency while reinforcing their commitment to exceptional customer service. This case study demonstrates Westpark’s ability to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ evolving needs, driving their growth and success in the competitive home services industry.

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