Property Management Call Center Services

Peace of mind for you and your tenants

Successful property management depends on how well you handle calls. Missed inquiries can lead to lost rental opportunities, extended vacancies, and an increased inquiry load. Parking conflicts can lead to guest parking challenges and missed revenue opportunities for reserved spaces. Delayed responses to maintenance or repair requests, especially those involving water leaks or electrical issues, can result in property damage.

Marketing, sales, maintenance, security, referrals, and retention all require a property management answering service that never misses a call. Whether you need support for your internal property management call center, an after hours answering service, or want to contract the entire operation, giving you what amounts to an outsourced receptionist, Westpark’s customized 24-hour call center services can help you make your business more successful.

Take Charge: 24/7 Oversight for Maintenance, Marketing, and Security – All in One Partnership.

Sales and Showings

Handle common pre-sales questions, screen and route calls, and schedule viewings.

Maintenance and Security

Dispatch Maintenance or Courtesy Officers using your guidelines.

Customer Retention and Referrals

Answer all calls 24/7, follow up on service dispatch, measure success, and encourage referrals.

How does Westpark benefit property managers?

Whether via text message or phone calls, Westpark provides you:

Optimal Property Management: Each Call Expertly Handled, Customized to Exceed Your Expectations at Every Phase.

Westpark saves property managers time and money​

How much can you save when working with Westpark versus hiring a new employee?

Outsourcing your call center needs can be up to 80% cheaper than in-house labor plus provide 24/7 availability.

Yearly Cost to Hire
  • Yearly Cost to Hire based on a common 350 monthly minute plan.
  • Volume discounts available as your needs scale.

Streamline Contacts Into Your Software

Inbound calls, email messages, follow-up calls, and data entry are combined in a single solution to increase efficiencies and reduce your costs. Westpark can work directly in your firm’s software.

  • Omni-Channel Communications via phone, email, chat, and text allows your customers to communicate however they prefer.  
  • Seamless Systems Integration. Our agents have access to your systems and platforms, both directly and via API (Application Programming Interface).
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Options. Customized auto-greeting, prompts, and call routing that integrate with your systems via API and can lower costs and speed resolution of issues.

Never Miss Another Call

Request a custom quote to learn more about how we can work together.

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