A Healthcare Staffing Case Study:

Streamlining Nurse Call-Out Management

Client Background

Westpark Communications is a U.S.-based outsourcing call center that provides communication solutions across various industries, including healthcare. One of its prominent clients is a leading healthcare staffing company specializing in supplying registered nurses (RNs) and licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) to a major healthcare network. This staffing company acts as a crucial intermediary, ensuring seamless staffing solutions for healthcare facilities within the network, including hospitals and clinics.

Client Challenges

The healthcare staffing company faced several critical challenges prior to engaging with Westpark Communications:

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24/7 Coverage Requirement

One of the primary challenges was to provide round-the-clock coverage for their call-out line. Managing staffing shortages due to unexpected nurse call-outs posed a significant operational hurdle.

Effective Communication and Coordination

Ensuring timely notification to on-site teams and management about nurse call-outs while simultaneously arranging suitable coverage was a daunting task. Without efficient communication channels, shifts remained uncovered, leading to potential disruptions in patient care.

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Compliance and Contractual Obligations

The healthcare staffing company needed to meet stringent contractual obligations, including mandatory staffing requirements, within healthcare facilities. Failure to comply could result in penalties and jeopardize their standing with the healthcare network.

Custom Solutions Delivered By Westpark Communications

Westpark Communications implemented tailored solutions to address the needs of the healthcare staffing company:

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Interactive Web Portal

A custom web portal was developed to allow the healthcare staffing company to upload nurse schedules easily. This portal served as a centralized platform for managing schedules, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency.

24/7 Call Center Coverage

Westpark provided uninterrupted call center coverage, ensuring that nurse call-outs were promptly addressed at any time of the day or night. This eliminated the need for the healthcare staffing company to maintain internal staffing for after-hours support.

Westpark Communications Automatic Notification System

Automated Notification System

An automated notification system was integrated to swiftly notify on-site teams and management about nurse call-outs. This ensured that all stakeholders were promptly informed, allowing for proactive measures to secure coverage and mitigate disruptions.

Custom Integration

A custom integration was developed to seamlessly integrate with the healthcare staffing company’s systems, allowing for real-time data synchronization and accurate information exchange. This integration facilitated efficient decision-making and enhanced operational visibility.

Westpark Communications Custom Integration

Results and Impact

The implementation of Westpark’s solutions yielded significant benefits for the healthcare staffing company:

Cost Savings

By outsourcing call center services to Westpark, the healthcare staffing company achieved substantial cost savings compared to maintaining internal staffing for 24/7 coverage. The scalable model offered by Westpark proved to be more cost-effective, especially during periods of low call volume.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The automated processes and streamlined communication channels improved operational efficiency, reducing the time and effort required to manage nurse call-outs. This enabled the healthcare staffing company to focus on core business activities and meet contractual obligations effectively.

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Improved Compliance and Reliability

With Westpark’s support, the healthcare staffing company enhanced its compliance with contractual staffing requirements. The reliability of 24/7 coverage and seamless communication ensured uninterrupted service delivery within healthcare facilities, enhancing client satisfaction and trust.

Disaster Preparedness

Westpark’s solutions helped the healthcare staffing company to be better prepared for unforeseen events, such as pandemics or sudden staffing shortages due to illness. Rapid response mechanisms and efficient coordination enabled swift adaptation to changing circumstances, ensuring continuity of service provision.

Tallying The Potential Cost Savings

Assuming the healthcare staffing company previously employed internal staff for 24/7 coverage, the cost comparison with Westpark’s services can be illustrated as follows

Factors to Consider

First, to accurately represent the cost of maintaining internal staffing for 24/7 coverage, we must account for the following factors:

Hourly Wage

Let’s assume an average minimum hourly wage of $15 for each employee.

Number of Employees

Due to the necessity of shift rotations and adherence to labor laws, at least two employees would be required to cover all hours of the week effectively.

Additional Operational Costs

This includes HR costs, training expenses, active workforce management, call-out coverage, employee benefits, and other overhead expenses typically associated with maintaining an in-house workforce. While the exact figure for additional operational costs may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the healthcare staffing company, it is essential to consider these expenses when comparing the cost-effectiveness of internal staffing versus outsourcing to Westpark Communications.

The final list of factors are thus:


Hourly Wage per Employee


Number of Employees

24 hours

Hours Per Day

7 days

Days Per Week

Total Cost for 24/7 Internal Staffing:

(Hourly Wage x Number of Employees x Hours per Day x Days per Week) + (Additional Operational Costs)

Sample Calculation

Cost of Hiring Internal Staff

$15/hour (average wage) × 24 hours × 7 days a week = $2,520/week for a single employee. With 2 employees minimum required at all times, the cost totals to a minimum of $5,040/week

Cost of Westpark Communications

Customized pricing based on actual usage, typically resulting in significant savings compared to internal staffing costs. By transitioning to Westpark’s services, the healthcare staffing company potentially saves thousands of dollars weekly, contributing to overall cost optimization and financial sustainability.


Through innovative solutions and strategic collaboration, Westpark Communications revolutionized healthcare staffing operations for its clients. By addressing key challenges and delivering tangible results, Westpark demonstrated its commitment to driving efficiency, compliance, and reliability in healthcare staffing solutions. This partnership between Westpark and the healthcare staffing company continues to thrive, ensuring seamless service delivery and enhancing patient care within the healthcare network.

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