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What can our answering service do?

Our live answer agents will take and relay messages for your business via phone, email, web chat, or fax. They will transfer your calls to the right person and take messages while the office is closed or while you are away.

We are staffed with Spanish bilingual agents with English as their primary language. In addition, we have access to over 100 languages for multilingual support.

Westpark will take your calls with 24/7 availability including weekend coverage. Our generous hours include holidays, after hours, overnight, and help with phone call overflow.

You decide when we work

  • During Business Hours
  • After Hours
  • Overflow During Business Hours
  • Nights and Weekends
  • 24 Hours a Day

You decide what we do

  • In-depth Notification Procedures
  • Direct Calling
  • Text-to-Cell
  • Email
  • Dispatching
  • Fax

You pick and choose

  • Month-to-Month Commitment
  • 6-Month Commitment
  • 1-Year Commitment
  • Escalation Procedures
  • Customized Messaging
  • Call Recordings Access for Quality Assurance
  • Complete Call Documentation

Why choose Westpark

  • Personalized. Our services are tailored to the way you expect to serve your customers.
  • Local. All of our call centers, agents and data centers are based right here in the United States.
  • Flexible. Our plans come with no long-term contracts and can be customized for your business.
  • Secure. We utilize advanced automated infrastructure to ensure your data is kept safe and secure.
  • Available. Live service representatives are available 24/7/365, including all major holidays.
  • Scalable Customized rates and service plans allow you to scale up or down at any time.
  • Proven. We've provided solutions for Fortune 100 companies and solo entrepreneurs since 1968.
  • Multilingual. We are fluent in English and Spanish and have translators on speed dial for other languages.
  • Disaster-ready. We have multiple locations and data centers away from recurring natural disasters.
  • Top training and culture. Our agents are

Never Miss Another Call

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