A Medical Equipment Manufacturer Case Study:

Overhauling Customer Service and Boosting Conversion Rates

Client Background

Westpark Communications, a premier U.S.-based outsourcing call center, excels in providing tailored communication solutions across various sectors, including manufacturing. In 2018, Westpark embarked on a significant partnership with a renowned medical equipment manufacturer specializing in mobility devices such as stairlifts. With a longstanding history, this manufacturer operates through a nationwide network of dealers handling sales and service.

Client Challenges

Before partnering with Westpark, the medical equipment manufacturer encountered several pivotal challenges that impeded their customer service and operational efficacy:

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Inadequate Service from Previous Partner

The client’s previous outsourcing partner failed to deliver the required level of customer service and quality assurance, which was crucial for maintaining client satisfaction and trust.

Excessive Wait Times

Customers experienced frustratingly long wait times, with average hold times exceeding 15 minutes, leading to poor customer experiences and dissatisfaction

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Lack of Tailored Solutions

The absence of customized solutions from their former partner hindered the manufacturer’s ability to streamline operations, gather critical data, and enhance conversion rates from their marketing initiatives.

Custom Solutions Delivered By Westpark Communications

To address these challenges, Westpark Communications implemented a series of targeted solutions, beginning with intensive collaborative planning:

Personalized Service Structure

Westpark assigned a dedicated Client Success Advocate to the manufacturer, ensuring consistent communication and personalized service management. This included regular weekly meetings to align strategies and refine operations.

Comprehensive Training Programs

A detailed training regimen was developed and implemented for call center agents, focusing on the specific needs and expectations of the medical equipment market.

Quality Assurance Protocols

New QA protocols were introduced to elevate service quality and ensure customer interactions met high standards.

Advanced Call Routing Solutions

Westpark engineered sophisticated call routing systems linked to various URLs, enabling precise tracking of marketing campaign effectiveness and conversion metrics. This technology provided deep insights into customer behavior and campaign performance.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Westpark Communications and the medical equipment manufacturer brought about profound improvements and notable achievements:

Record-Breaking Performance

The manufacturer has consistently seen year-over-year improvements in key performance metrics, setting new records annually.

Dramatic Reduction in Hold Times

Customer service hold times were drastically reduced from 15 minutes to under one minute.

Doubled Conversion Rates

Marketing campaign conversion rates more than doubled, reflecting the effectiveness of the newly implemented strategies and technologies.


Through innovative solutions and a commitment to strategic collaboration, Westpark Communications significantly overhauled the customer service framework and dramatically boosted conversion rates for the medical equipment manufacturer. This partnership not only resolved critical operational challenges but also set new standards in customer service and marketing effectiveness. The ongoing success of this collaboration now requires only quarterly meetings to maintain the high levels of service and performance, underscoring the sustainable impact of the solutions provided.

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