Full-service Reservations Call Center

Get the response you’re looking for.

The logistics of organizing a company event require planning, contact and follow-through. Westpark’s full-service reservations call center assures you of the response you need to fill seats. Whether you’re reaching out to existing customers or prospects, our reservations agents have all the information needed to take calls, make calls and follow up to help make your event a success.

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Custom Call-Center Booking Services​

Because we take a custom approach to the needs of every client, we can:

  • Book reservations and registrations any time
  • Provide friendly, informed call-center staff to handle calls and answer basic questions
  • Process bookings via phone, chat or email
  • Make calls to existing customers to promote registrations
  • Enter bookings directly into your CRM
  • Make follow-up calls and take surveys after the event
  • Handle vendor check-ins and provide updates to help the event run smoothly
  • Notify registrants in case of rescheduling or other changes.

Why choose Westpark?​

When you choose Westpark for your event bookings you get the same high level of expertise we offer for all of our services:

  • Bilingual customer-care specialists
  • Emergency backup communications
  • Email and web chat capabilities
  • 24-hour answering
  • Emergency backup communications
  • Complete call documentation with digital audio records

Never Miss Another Call

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