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Westpark Communications is one of the most customizable communications partners in the industry.

  • Confirmations and Reservations. Discover the affordable way to take care of your customers – outsource your Customer Service needs to Westpark Communications.
  • Remote Monitoring.When there is a need to have a live person view, detect and allow access, Westpark has several solutions to offer for your needs. Recognizing human or autos for entrance is one of the advanced technologies we offer.
  • Emergency Line. Be prepared to manage your business communication needs with your team when phone lines or electricity is down. Have a business continuity plan in place with your direct reports.
  • Employee Check-ins. If your employees work out in the field or in remote locations, this solution allows you to check-in to make sure they have arrived at their destination safely. This solution is perfect for managers in the oilfield service, landlords, or those who cannot be in day-to-day contact with their team. (Previously called Employee Tracking)
  • IVR. Stands for Interactive Voice Response and allows callers to direct themselves to the appropriate department. This solution is perfect for apartment communities, large hospitals, and any medium-sized business with growing departments.
  • Virtual Office with Voicemail. Why should you consider an automated service? Economy, privacy, and consistency are reasons often cited by satisfied Westpark clients. You can set up standard voicemail or a complete Virtual Office
  • Virtual Receptionist. Our live answer agents act as a virtual receptionist for your business when they pick up the phone or respond to an email. They perform duties such as taking and relaying messages, following up on phone calls, and even handle scheduling to your online calendar. This is completely customizable for your industry or specific needs.

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