Westpark handles your mass tort calls just as you would.

Highly competitive, highly responsive: Westpark handles your calls just as you would.

Our single-solution approach ensures a high close rate with first-time callers.

In mass tort law every call is urgent. Callers want a firm they can trust to act quickly on a class-action or tort claim. Westpark can provide that trust by handling inbound calls, email messages, follow-up calls and data entry in a single process. The result is less shopping around and a higher close rate.

Westpark’s core capabilities provide excellent legal intake services for mass tort and class action suits.

Westpark Communications Instructor Teaching Agents

Intake professionals trained specifically to your needs

Westpark’s legal intake professionals are custom-trained to your exact specifications. Your callers will have the confidence of  talking with us as if they were talking with you. You can concentrate on casework, confident that we’re keeping clients from looking elsewhere.

Close leads during the first contact with Westpark

Whether phone, text, or chat, Westpark has the capability to convince, enroll, and complete legal agreements in one conversation. 

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Why Westpark for your class action call center?

We Integrate & Remote Into Your Software

Inbound calls, email messages, follow-up calls and data entry are combined in a single solution to increase efficiencies and reduce your costs. Westpark can work directly in your firm’s software, including applications such as Virtual Law, AbacusNext, Clio, My Case, Salesforce and other popular systems.

Dependable When the Going Gets Tough

Hurricanes. Floods. Fires. Evacuations. No matter the disaster, Westpark keeps your lines of communication open. Your firm can remain  accessible to the clients who need you.

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Westpark has served the needs of attorneys and legal firms across theUnited States. For best-in-class call-center services that are customized to your needs, call Westpark Communications. Helpful representatives are ready to work with you to deliver outstanding customer care.

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