Water & Gas Utilities

Well Monitoring and Instant Notifications

Stay on top of well-site issues and streamline the flow of information to your staff and your customers:

  • Remote Monitoring Systems Detect Problems
  • Auto-dialers Send Immediate Notifications
  • Alerts Can Be Used as Automatic Greetings for Customer Calls

Better Business Communications

Consider the routine services your operation needs to perform hundreds of times each day – now done more efficiently and accurately:

  • After-hours/overflow Phone Call Handling with Customizable Recording Prompts
  • eCommerce Processing
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Customer Service Requests
  • Email and Text Inquiry Handling
  • Automatic Disconnect List Updates

Better Customer Communications

We help you ramp-up responsiveness to customer needs with speed, courtesy, and professionalism:

  • 24/7 Live Answer
  • Emergency Call Dispatching
  • Automated Delivery of Advisory Greetings
  • Complaint Management
  • New Customer Enrollment
  • Enrollment Follow-up
  • Customer Surveys

Disaster-Resistant Communications

When hurricanes, floods, evacuations or other disasters strike, we make sure your communications stay online:

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Services for Your Operation
  • Westpark’s Communication Switch Located in a Hardened Inland Bunker Backup Call Center
  • Ability to Transfer Your Call Requirements to Affiliate Call Centers

Never Miss Another Call

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