Call Center Services

What to Look for When Hiring a Call Center

Services: Beyond Just Answering Calls

Essential Call Center Services

When exploring call center options, it’s crucial to understand the breadth of services offered. A call center’s capabilities should extend beyond mere call answering to include question resolution, call routing, order taking, and basic technical support. Identifying your business’s specific needs is the first step:

  • Do you require basic message relay services during off-hours?
  • Are you seeking a proactive call center to nurture sales leads and contribute to your business growth?

Ensure you review a comprehensive list of services offered by the call center, focusing on how they can support your business expansion through phone, web, and email communications.

Commonly Offered Services

Custom Solutions & Qualifications: Tailoring Services to Your Needs

Addressing Business Challenges

A quality call center does more than answer calls; it offers solutions tailored to your industry’s challenges, potentially driving business growth. Services to look for include:

  • Custom scripting and call workflows
  • Sales lead qualification
  • Bilingual/multilingual support
  • Advanced web or CRM integration
  • Call recording access
  • Customized reporting

Another consideration is whether or not the call center you are considering has the necessary qualifications to operate in that particular industry. Examples include:

  • HIPAA-certified agents if your business is in the healthcare industry
  • Direct experience with lawyers, property managers, etc.
  • Testimonials from current clientele in the same or similar industry as yours

Location: The Impact of Geography on Service Quality

Onshore vs. Offshore Call Centers

The location of your call center can significantly impact service quality and cost. Read about the benefits of US-based call centers here.

Westpark Communications Offshore Call Center

Offshore Call Centers

Pros: Generally lower operational costs
Cons: Potential language barriers leading to longer call durations and customer dissatisfaction

Onshore Call Centers

Pros: Better communication and customer satisfaction
Cons: Higher costs, though often justified by improved service quality and bilingual options

Westpark Communications stands out as a U.S.-based call center with over 50 years of specialized experience. Our focus is on providing solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business, ensuring a superior customer experience.

We invite you to discover how we can address your business communication needs with a free, custom proposal, uniquely tailored to your requirements.

Why Should eCommerce Companies Choose Westpark?

Scaling Your Business?

Business Needs

Flexibility & Scalability

Operational Efficiency

Technology and Infrastructure

Systemized Training Programs

Hiring In House

Limited with Fixed Personnel

Dependent on Individual Performance

Responsible for Setup and Maintenance

Responsible for Hiring, Training, and Retention

Full-Service Call Center

Highly Scalable: Can Adjust Number of Agents

24/7 Availability, Consistent, Service Levels

Provides Necessary Technology and Infrastructure

Train Our Staff Once; We'll Train the Rest Forever

We Integrate & Remote Into Your Software

Inbound calls, email messages, follow-up calls and data entry are combined in a single solution to increase efficiencies and reduce your costs. Westpark can work directly in your company’s software, including applications such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Big Commerce and other popular systems.

Never Miss Another Call

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