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Over 50 years of building custom call center solutions for a variety of organizations...

Westpark Communications knows that your company needs a partner who understands your clients, your brand, and your value.​

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Outsourcing customer success is key when partnering with a call center. Success starts with customer delight in the order taking process and ends with repeat buyers.

  • Billing & Shipping Questions
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • eCommerce Payment Processing

Heating and AC (HVAC) and Service Companies

Consider the many routine contacts, messages and requests your business needs to process each day, especially during the summer–now handled more efficiently and accurately. We help you ramp-up responsiveness to customer needs with courtesy and professionalism:

  • IVR Automated Systems
  • Employee Check-In Service
  • Complaint Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Lawyers and Attorneys

Westpark Communications is a 24/7 live answering call center that specializes in handling the legal communications for attorneys and law firms. We perform intake qualification where we qualify your leads and set them up for appointments when they meet your predetermined criteria.

  • Inbound Intake/Lead Qualification
  • Overflow Handling
  • Bilingual Virtual Receptionist

Our 24/7 legal call center agents interact with a script-prompted system allowing you to create simple or complex scripts for them to follow. You can learn more about how a legal call center can free up time from the office by reading this guide.


Westpark Communications has spent over 25 years handling the communication between medical office personnel and their patients. All of our live answer agents are HIPAA-certified and trained to become an extension of your healthcare staff.

  • Patient Follow-up
  • After Hours Answering
  • Bilingual Virtual Receptionist

You can learn more about the benefits that medical professionals receive when partnering with a call center by reading this guide.

Property Managment

Westpark Communications manages the communication between tenants and property managers. We offer the type of support that is customized to respond to a full range of property management needs, from Commercial Property Management or Apartment Communities to real estate agents.

  • Perform Calls After Hours
  • Message Relay
  • Appointment Scheduling

We perform after-hours call handling, help with overflow, and dispatching for emergency maintenance. You can learn more about why property managers who partner with a call center can manage their reputation better and free up their time by reading this guide.

Retail Electric Providers/Energy

Since 1994, Westpark has served the needs of retail electric providers before and after Texas deregulation as well as other providers across all U.S. markets. You need a call center that you can depend on to help with call center overflow as well as one that has a business continuity plan in place in case disaster strikes.

  • Provide Emergency Call Dispatching
  • Billing Inquiries & Complaints
  • Update Your CRM in Real-time

In addition, we will help you comply with state disconnection moratorium policies during extreme weather. Westpark Communications knows when to reach out for your on-call team and understands the role we play in keeping customer lights on.

Water and Gas Utilities

Westpark has spent over 23 years managing the communication needs of Water and Gas utility providers. This includes providing services to Municipal Utility Districts (M.U.D.’s) and their water service operations. With Westpark Communications, our goal is to help utility providers such as yourself with four things:

  • Streamline Your Operations
  • Help You Protect Your Well-Site Infrastructure
  • Back You Up When Disaster Strikes
  • Delight your customers

We are proud members of the Texas Association of Water Board Directors and take pride in delighting our Texas customers by addressing their concerns and answering their billing inquiries.

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