The Medical Professional's Guide for Choosing an Answering Service

Why choose Westpark Communications?

Your healthcare business is custom and complex and so are your clients.  The problems that you are presented each and every day play a role in the fate of people both young and old. However, it seems that calls go unanswered, follow-up is left incomplete, and dispatch is questionable at best in times of dire need.

As a healthcare professional, you need someone that you can trust and partner with to help you get the job done.  You need more than just someone to take messages and forward calls.  What you need is a call center that you can customize, and where the staff cares about the integrity of your business.

Medical Call Center Services for Medical Groups & More

What to Look for When Hiring a Call Center

Any good business, including a call center, will have a solid client onboarding plan that they expect you to participate in. In fact, the client onboarding plan may be very similar to the one that you implement for your own office or services. When onboarding takes place, the goal of the servicing business is to understand all of the needs of the client and how they can meet them through their services. Although an onboarding plan may take up some of your time, the investment is worthwhile.

Client onboarding is the perfect time to communicate your very specific needs to your new partner and establish the expectations for your partnership. The relationship between you and your new call center partner will best benefit if you are honest regarding your timelines, expectations, and communication policies from the beginning.  In communicating regarding these subjects, your transition from functioning as an office or business without a call center partner to a business with a call center partner will be smooth and enjoyable.

How to Successfully Outsource Your Medical Calls

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a call center as a customer service partner is the ability to create complex and customized scripting. When choosing someone to communicate with your customers on a regular basis, you do not want to leave them to their own devices. In fact, clients can tell when they are receiving answers that are not congruent with your business model, which can cause your business to suffer. Furthermore, if the call center representatives that you hire are expected to provide your clients with information and care when you have not provided them adequate resources, you could be liable for any unfortunate events that may occur.

Discuss HCAHPS Scoring Commitment

Patient Perception of Care

When you choose a customer service partner, you want to be sure that they are going to create a positive image for your name.  As a professional healthcare business, your interaction with clientele are usually regarding urgent needs.  When a hospital or other contract calls you with the need for medical equipment, they do not have all day to wait for someone to answer their call.  Likewise, in the field of providing medical equipment, you may not get more than one chance to provide customer satisfaction.  You know better than anyone else, the amount of urgency that your business carries, and you want to make sure that you are partnering with someone who understands that as well.

In order to guarantee that you are partnering with a call center that will protect the integrity of your business, you should ask them questions regarding the following subjects:

  • Hold times
  • Call Times
  • Representative Call Monitoring and Review Processes
  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings for other businesses they serve

Create a 24 Hour Emergency Response Plan

Depending on your location throughout the United States, there may be seasons in which you need to have a plan in place for recovering from a disaster. If your business is in the Midwest, tornado season applies, and in the southeast, you want to be prepared for hurricane seasons. Furthermore, smaller disasters such as fires or earthquakes have the potential to occur on any given day. No matter what the situation is, you want to be prepared to continue serving your clients and even increase your impact or production if the need arises.

When you hire a customer service partner, you want to ensure that there is a plan in place to keep your business functioning should a disaster arise. If a disaster strikes at your office or in your region, you will not be able to answer the phone as you do during normal business hours. Therefore, you will need a customer service partner. In these situations, client representatives should be familiar with the very specific needs of each client and how disasters may impact them. Furthermore, representatives should be sensitive to the situations, providing understanding and empathy for difficult times.

How Westpark Communications Can Meet the Needs

Westpark Communications understands the complexity of running a medical business and that there is more to saving lives and providing patient care than scheduling appointments and taking messages. Westpark Communications values the client onboarding process, creating customized services, maintaining the reputations of their clients, and providing the best care in times of need.

We know that hospitals, doctors offices, and all of the businesses involved in creating successful healthcare work together like the gears in a clock to create one big picture. At Westpark, we will work hard to make our part of the picture, providing your customer service, the best that it can be. We look forward to learning more about your business and how we can of service.

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