Complete eCommerce Call Center Services

A Unique Experience For Your eCommerce Customers

Outsourcing call-center functions for eCommerce allows you to win back your time from answering frequently asked questions or performing mundane tasks. Westpark offers tailored communications solutions for customer service, including order fulfillment, product troubleshooting, ticketing, reporting, call follow-ups, and handling returns via phone and web chat 24/7.

Westpark’s eCommerce Communication Solutions

Phone Answering Service

Web Chat Answering Service

Order Fulfillment

Return Handling

Product Troubleshooting

Train our call center once, and we’ll provide your business with a dedicated team of agents so that you can focus on growing and improving your core business.

Available 24/7

Bilingual Agents


CRM Integration

Flexible, Accurate, & Personal Customer Service

Transform your eCommerce customer support with Westpark’s full-service phone, email, and web chat support and customized workflows. Because our agents are trained to your specifications, our process is accurate. And because we treat your customers just as you would, every customer contact is a personal experience.

The eCommerce Lifecycle: How We Make it Personal

We handle all our customers as if they were our only customer. That means we offer extremely customized, personalized eCommerce solutions. It starts with a team of agents who are trained in your order-taking process, then continues with this typical life cycle:

  • A customer has questions about your product or service
  • A trained agent handles the questions according to your FAQs
  • An agent guides the customer through the order process
  • The order is confirmed and delivery processed
  • The agent handles follow-up regarding order delivery status
  • The agent handles returns, issues shipping labels, issues refunds or exchange
  • If tech support is needed such as product troubleshooting or replacement part orders, that’s also available
  • Follow up to assure customer satisfaction

Why Should eCommerce Companies Choose Westpark?

Scaling Your Business?

Business Needs

Flexibility & Scalability

Operational Efficiency

Technology and Infrastructure

Systemized Training Programs

Hiring In House

Limited with Fixed Personnel

Dependent on Individual Performance

Responsible for Setup and Maintenance

Responsible for Hiring, Training, and Retention

Full-Service Call Center

Highly Scalable: Can Adjust Number of Agents

24/7 Availability, Consistent, Service Levels

Provides Necessary Technology and Infrastructure

Train Our Staff Once; We'll Train the Rest Forever

We Integrate & Remote Into Your Software

Inbound calls, email messages, follow-up calls and data entry are combined in a single solution to increase efficiencies and reduce your costs. Westpark can work directly in your company’s software, including applications such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Big Commerce and other popular systems.

Never Miss Another Call

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