Help Desk and Tech Support

The more tech issues you have, the more help you need.

IT support for operations, technical support for customers: almost every business offers them. The problem is you may be seeing more issues than you can handle. How can you make sure you manage the flow of IT and tech support – without frustrating your employees or your customers? Westpark’s customer service help-desk agents can supplement your IT and tech services by taking much of the load off your day-to-day issues

Westpark’s IT Support Services can:

  • Screen all IT issues to solve easy or frequent problems
  • Alert management to major issues that demand immediate attention
  • Offer personal service from a live IT technician, not a menu of automated answers
  • Reduce interruptions, enabling your technicians to work more effectively.

Westpark’s Tech Support Services can:

  • Provide live tech support via phone, email, webchat and text for customers who have assembly or operation problems
  • Alert you to product issues that may require your attention
  • Reduce frustration of customers who can’t get complete or timely answers
  • Improve customer confidence in your products and your company.

Why outsource your help desk to Westpark?

  • We can serve any business that provides IT support and/or a help desk
  • We have access to bilingual customer-care specialists in any language needed
  • We provide emergency backup communications for major system failures
  • We offer anytime call-center answering for you and your customers
  • Our services can reduce your in-house costs by up to 80 percent.

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