Celebrating 50 Years of Service


Our Humble Beginnings

Westpark Communications began operations in 1968 as a family-run business offering telephone answering services for customers in the Houston metropolitan area. Originally named “Westpark Answering Service,” the company started with two sisters, Edna Burgan Wesneski and Joyce Landers, three clients, and one cord switchboard.


Jan 1968 Construction Site.jpg

January 1968 Construction Site:
Featuring the co-founding sisters: Edna Burgan Wesneski & Joyce Landers in the back, and current President & CEO Kathie Edwards in the front left


1983 Edna-Joyce-3.jpg
Co-founders Edna Burgan Wesneski & Joyce Landers in 1984 


Technology & Business

In 1992, Kathie Edwards joined her mother, Edna and used her corporate managerial and customer service experience to help develop call center processes that would turn Westpark into more than just an answering service. By 2007, Kathie purchased the company where she continued to apply innovative technology that could offer customer service to large corporate entities. 

Let’s take a look at some of the equipment throughout the years.

1983 OA.jpg
Switchboards for “Westpark Answering Service” in 1983 


1987 Upgrade to Startel 2200 Plus.jpg
“Upgrade” to Startel 2200 Plus in 1987 


1987 Upgrade to Startel 2200 Plus 2.jpg
Startel 2200 Plus in 1987 


Marketing Then and Now

In 1997 traditional marketing such as billboards and television ads drove the need for Westpark to answer an influx of calls from customers inquiring about our clients’ advertisements for various organizations. Fast forward to today, these same advertising goldmines come in the form of inbound marketing where email response and live web chat inquiries are abundant.

1984 Jim White - Postman.jpg
1984 Jim White – Postman 
This is what the service feature “Message Delivery” meant back in the 80’s.


Looking Back

With the technology revolution, everybody has a story to tell. Westpark’s nearly 50 year history tells a story of how technology has grown them from using cord switchboards and paper messages to having agents respond to business owners via cloud-based software.


Our Call Center

Fast Forward to Today

Westpark Communications looks back on their history and sees how it went from relaying messages to managing the call center workflow needs for all sorts of industries: property managers, legal groups, medical associates, and retail electric providers.

Westpark Ladies Featured in Our Upcoming 50th Anniversay Documentary
From Left to Right: Laura, Client Services Manager; Kathie, President & CEO; Edna, Founder; & Donna, Senior Account Executive


What’s your business story?


50th Anniversary-01.png

Tell us a story about your beginnings. We want to know how you plan to celebrate your organization’s 50-year anniversary. Use the hashtag: #TheBig50WPC on Social Media to tell us a little bit about your organization or where you want to see your company in 50 years!



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