4 Easy Ways to Start Your Own Small Business

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Owners and operators of small businesses are the unspoken heroes of the middle class, providing stability and fluidity to the economy all while keeping their customers satisfied. Whether you’re already a small business owner, or you’re looking to become one, don’t be discouraged–your pursuit is a worthwhile one!

It’s understandable, however, if you find the process daunting. A herculean degree of effort is required for this undertaking, and quite often the path to success can seem all but impossible. There are ways to make the way forward a little clearer and a little easier. Sometimes, all it takes is getting your foot in the door!

Low overhead, minimal paperwork, quick to get started – these are the ideal characteristics at the beginning of your journey. With these ideas in mind, then, here are 4 easy ways to get started in the small business world.

1) Dropshipping eCommerce Store

Ever wonder how all those online stores you see advertised on Facebook get started? Do you have a good idea for a product that you’re just not seeing out there yet? You might be surprised at just how easy it is to get started running your own eCommerce enterprise. Dropshipping provides an amazing opportunity to entrepreneurs who are just looking to get their feet wet.

The process of dropshipping is straightforward: you establish a brand, an online presence, and a marketplace for your customers. Then you wholesale the products you are providing from a distributor directly to your buyers online, and that’s it! There are huge, well-respected companies like Shopify and WooCommerce who provide eCommerce solutions for exactly this purpose, and while profit margins may be somewhat slimmer than in traditional retail, this is more than made up for by the ease of entry and low overhead.

2) Stock Photographer

You don’t need to be a professionally trained photographer to take good stock photographs. There are online tutorials that can show you exactly how to properly frame and shoot stock photography – all you need is a decent camera!

If you have even a passing interest in photography, and you’re looking for an easy start to running a small business or incorporating yourself, you should consider becoming a stock photographer. Shutterstock and Flickr are two places you can go online to see how this might start making you money today.

3) Retail Arbitrage

This is the classic approach to small business start-ups. Retail arbitrage is perhaps the oldest trick in the book for beginner entrepreneurs. Sometimes you’ll need to know the right places or have the right idea – but the premise is simple.

You’ve got a line on a great product from a retail outlet having a clearance or liquidation sale. Maybe it’s a lightweight tent for winter camping but it’s summer time, or a top-of-the-line thermos for keeping drinks and soups warm throughout the day, but the store they’re selling at is closing its doors. Whatever the case, you purchase these products at a fraction of their worth and get started selling it to your customers! This can be done in your own store, or through online retailers like eBay, or even through your own online store.

4) Freelancing on Fiverr

If you have a skill or service that you know you can offer, but you’re having trouble finding a brick-and-mortar location to provide it to the public, you should consider becoming a freelancer. Fiverr is a website that allows you to do this with zero overhead – just set up a profile, explain what the service and/or product you are offering is, and you’re off! Set tiered prices, identify your customer base, and get ready to use your skills to help customers all over the world!

So there you have it! 4 quick and easy ways to get started as an entrepreneur running your own small business. Of course, that’s just the first step. Optimization is next! There are plenty of ways you can tune your eCommerce store, freelancing profile, etc., to get you more customers and make you more money. Read on to find out how!

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