A Letter from the CEO: Post-Hurricane Harvey

My thoughts and prayers go out to all that were devastated from Hurricane Harvey. Now that we look back at post-Hurricane Harvey, I am so thankful that the majority of all Westpark Communications’ employees were not affected by flooding in their homes. I was extremely pleased to see the dedication and long hours our employees worked in handling calls for our Westpark Clients. We experienced extremely high call volumes, over 5 times our average volume, but we were able to continue providing our 24-hour service with no interruption.




We are so appreciative of our clients providing such positive feedback for all the hard work Westpark’s staff provided during this time. It truly warms my staff’s hearts to receive the acknowledgment of their hard work. We want to thank our clients for the following statements:

“We really appreciate Westpark’s efforts as we are working through the aftermath of the hurricane. Your staff has been diligent in taking calls, dispatching and relaying messages. We sincerely appreciate it. ” 

“Thank you ever so much for your assistance and attention to detail during our time of need” 

“Thanks for your support.”

“Thank you so much for your support.”

“We truly appreciate all your help during this time!” 

“Thank you and our prayers are with your group too!”

Receiving this appreciation from our clients only encourages us to keep up the excellent service Westpark provides to our clients.

Thank you!

Kathie Edwards
President & CEO

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