Good Customer Service Creates Referrals

Using an Answering Service to Provide Customers with the Best Experience

 The best tool for a property management business is word of mouth advertising. Customers refer their friends and family businesses that provide the best properties and the best customer service.

It takes a lot of time and effort for a property management business to get a good review. However, it does not take as many bad experiences to generate a negative review. Look on a review site such as Yelp, or at the ratings on a Facebook business page and you will see that most times negative reviews outweigh positive reviews. People possess the desire to keep their friends from having a bad experience, and if that means posting it for the world to see, they will do it.

In order to keep bad reviews off of the internet, a business must do everything in their power to create the best experience for the customer. Creating the best experience means keeping the property in top-notch shape, screening new tenants, and of course, providing only the best customer service.

If a call goes unanswered multiple times, or a tenant does not get the answer that they need quickly, you can almost guarantee a negative review will reveal itself on the internet to be seen by potential customers. One solution to eliminate negative reviews is an answering service. Answering services allow for calls to be answered at all hours of the day, as well as night. Professionals hired by answering services will be trained to answer business-specific questions and will be able to provide customers with quick, accurate answers that they need–which will give your business a better chance at positive online reviews!

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