Houston Foodbank 2018

This past Saturday, Westpark employees and the families had the opportunity to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. We had a great time! Some of the feedback I received from the employees was how they were happy to give back to their community and how even their kids were inspired to want to do it again. 

Four children of Westpark Communications' employees in car

We are on our way to the Houston Food Bank! 

Houston Food Bank photo of Westpark Communications and Family

Westpark Communications came together with their friends and family to give back to the community by volunteering at the Houston Food Bank this past Saturday (5-12-18). 

Together with other teams, we made 900 boxes for the Senior Box Program, which provides a monthly box of food (avg. value of $50) to low income seniors to improve the health, nutrition and well-being of their lives.

We had an amazing time!  It was a great feeling knowing that so many people, from so many places, nationalities, young and old…all came together to be a blessing to the senior community!  It was a beautiful sight!

Employees in blue shirts standing - Westpark Communications

We broke up into teams & received our instructions! 

 pjimage (1)

We formed our assembly lines!

Houston Food Bank Distribution with Westpark Employees

We assigned the responsibilities and filled our boxes with lots of love and food!

pjimage (3)

…and more love and food! 


We put 45 boxes on 1 pallet and David carried them away to be shrink wrapped and labeled w/Eric and the others!  

1 pallet down….19 More to Go!!!! 

pjimage (4)

And the shrink wrapping began…

4 pallets down…16 more to go…Yay!!! 

Employee and son in black shirts labeling pallets

And then we labeled the pallets! 


We Gave Ourselves Thumbs Up for a Job Well Done!!!

20 pallets Complete!!! 

pjimage (6)

All Done!  Let’s head out and take a couple more pics!!! 

pjimage (7)-2

Lauren and her children, David, Lola and Lola’s son in the back resting on the floor after a VERY hard day’s work!!!


Me and Brandon…4hrs. w/o any video games! Wow!!! 


And it wore him out! 

We cannot wait for the next Food Drive!

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