Perks of a Flexible Contract

You are a business owner looking to partner with vendors to care for different parts of your business. There are big things about a business to think about, such as what your company is called or what type of logo your business will have. The last thing you need to stress over is entering into a complex contract with a vendor you have never worked with before. Out of hundreds of companies, you want to work with only those that you feel completely comfortable with. Seeking out flexible business contracts with vendors is one of the best decisions you could make for your company.

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What is a flexible business contract? It’s one that lets you be in control. Instead of signing a contract with a company that offers a generalized proposal, a customized contract tailors itself to you and what you really need.

As an example, our company offers a variety of different communications services. As your business grows, communication tends to increase making it so that you need to upgrade your plan. You might need someone to answer the phone for your company after hours, but you may not need web chat on your website right away. While you’re free to sign a one year agreement with us for free set-up, you certainly don’t have to commit to us in that way.

Not-so-flexible Contracts

When you begin the process of engaging in a traditional contract, you might also be faced with one or more companies that are accompanied by a group of lawyers. There are upsides to these traditional contracts, but for the newest round of owners who like doing things fast and professionally, this option tends to look a lot less appealing.

In these traditional means, a person has to negotiate multiple times, partake in multiple drafting rounds, and then finally it comes to the long finalization process. Throughout the process, you also need to meet with these lawyers and various others in person.

Flexible contracts are almost essential to those whom aren’t sure what they are looking for in a vendor. You might also know what you need in a business service, but want to ensure their own customer service is intact after you have made the first payment. Customer service should not go out the window once you sign a contract, and a vendor’s flexibility with you is the first sign of committed excellence.

A wonderful example of a company that started off small, but grew quickly is the website FragrantJewels. This company began with only a small selection of scented products. When their website was then advertised through social media, they needed further help with their means of communication and orders. I’m not sure what was in their original contract or who they partnered with, but had they not made changes to their operations, they could have faced a tremendous backlash from their customers. Complaints could have been filed due to not receiving their orders after waiting months, incorrect orders being sent to them, and various other scenarios.

Upon expanding their communications, the company was able to grow an impressive amount in just a short time.

No matter what type of vendor you are looking for, a flexible contract allows your business to grow as your client base grows. From saving you money to having shorter contracts, traditional contracts are becoming less common.

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