5 Ways Houstonians Use Us to Stay Connected to Their Business

Those of you who base your business in Houston, Texas know how much of a thriving city it is, even if you’re still trying to find operational improvements. One area you perhaps still lack in is a good call center.

Your business may need to communicate regularly with numerous people and organizations you can’t stay easily connected to without call agents. You definitely don’t want to place all communication burdens on a limited staff who may already feel overworked.

Keeping in touch with everyone from vendors to clients is more easily done outsourcing to a call center like ours at Westpark Communications.


Helping Houston Businesses

Recently, we attended a luncheon for Most Admired CEO honorees with the Houston Business Journal, part of which you can view through a recent video. We want to show you what outsourcing a call center means if working in Houston’s urban city limits.

Our call center is designed to cover various industries like law firms, customer service, marketing campaigns for business services, supply chain management, and the energy sector.

All of these industries have to deal with five specific people: vendors, customers, employees, leads, and clients.

1. Vendors

Those of you who work in supply chain management have to keep in contact with vendors on a constant basis to maintain inventory. A lot of this might work as back-office communication, though some of your in-house employees may feel pressured into handling these calls.

Once business really takes off, it could place too much stress on those callers. Also, assembling your own call center may require too much capital that you don’t want to spend now.

Contacting wholesalers about certain materials you need regularly stocked could also become a problem if your on-site staff can’t keep up. Not maintaining proper communication could lead to stock shortages for a popular item.

We can handle this problem for you, including business service calls as an option.

2. Taking Orders From Customers

Those of you depending on customer service departments to handle customer orders will most definitely need a call center in some form. Taking orders from customers, though, is often a very detailed task requiring reliably trained call agents.

Outsourcing this to our own reliable team means you’ll have a team that understands the customer lifecycle in e-commerce.

They’ll handle the order-taking, but also have skills to answer questions for customers, help with orders, order tracking, plus deal with returns.

Having a call center you can trust to operate autonomously without making mistakes will help you retain your most valuable customers. Forbes notes 1% of any customer returning will increase revenue by 10%. Likewise, retaining 10% of loyal customers doubles revenue.

3. Checking in With Employees

Have you thought about how a call center helps coordinate better communication among your employees?

This is an important point if you happen to work in industries where continual communication with your workers is essential to operations.

One specific example is the oil and gas industry (or energy sector), both of which are prominent in the Houston area. You may have to check in with many of your field workers when certain emergencies transpire. Phone communication is going to become your most essential tool when something unexpected happens and you need to send field workers to a specific location.

Oil leaks and other critical situations are going to require call agents relaying information to your workers. Likewise, your field workers will want to call in to relay information back to you to keep communication properly coordinated.

For business continuity, you’ll find true value in outsourcing your call center. During extensive power outages from a hurricane (more than possible in Houston), you can depend on our call center being operative to keep business going. If you have an oil or gas emergency after a natural disaster, keeping phone communication going with workers becomes a top priority.

4. Capturing Leads

Those of you working in sales absolutely need a call center to capture and qualify leads. For marketing campaigns, you’ll find this invaluable because you don’t want to waste time with leads you know won’t matter.

With Business Insider noting that 99% of Houston’s companies are small businesses, you can see how much a call center is going to mean for them. You may fall into this 99%, including being one of those small businesses still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

Due to limited budgets, outsourcing your call center to capture leads makes more sense. Outbound campaigns need call agents who can properly do follow-up calls, otherwise known as “warm calling.” Taking on warm calls helps you avoid possible fines doing the typical cold call process done in telemarketing.

Outsourcing your phone agents gives you a call center armed with knowledge to properly deal with lead generation so you avoid wasting time and resources.

5. Lawyers Communicating With Clients

Law firms are plentiful in Houston, and one reason is the booming economy there. Many out-of-state law firms moved into the city as a result. Perhaps you’re a personal injury law firm that moved to Houston, though need to find a better way to find and communicate with clients.

Once again, a call center helps immensely in communicating around the clock. While you may rely on your cell phone carrier to communicate with existing clients, can your office handle a barrage of new calls?

Relying on a call center allows you to route all calls to call agents who properly take messages and relay them to your firm.

More so, you’ll have a dedicated phone team to communicate with clients whenever you need to reach them. The personal injury legal industry requires keeping clients in the loop every day about their cases. On days when your legal team becomes overwhelmed with other cases, your other clients don’t want prolonged silence.

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Our call center provides numerous services like 24/7 answering, web chat, email response, lead qualification, and appointment scheduling.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help Houston-based businesses like yours change the way you communicate with those you depend on.

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