Employee Spotlight With Robyn: Reliability

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

We recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction survey through SurveyMonkey to get feedback on how we are doing as a company. We received a decent cross-section of business customers who took the survey and provided us with insight into how we are doing as a communications partner. Here is what we learned:


With almost 60% of the respondents stating they have been with us for three years or more, the main word that was used to describe our company was “reliable.” The major theme that surfaced in these reviews centered around our employees and how they played a role in helping businesses become more efficient:

“…The company and its staff have been remarkable assisting with our calls on a complete customer-based level, call overflows as well as assisting us during major catastrophes….”

“…The employees are professional and courteous, and any changes we need to make (such as to accommodate holidays, short days, etc.) are easy to communicate and have handled…”

“…Our calls are always answered quickly and most of the CSR’s are able to address the majority of the calls without any concerns for a return call…”

“…When we have changes to the on-call schedule, I just make a phone call or send an email and their response is immediate, we even get a confirmation that it was completed…”

Read the full testimonials here.

In light of these results, I want to highlight the success of just one of our many wonderful agents, Robyn, and how her values help to facilitate the type of communication that a company wants for their reputation and brand.

Robyn, Call Center Agent
Westpark Communications

Q. How do you define success?

A. Finding something you are passionate about, like helping people who have a need or a problem. Working with a team of great people to figure out how to best fill that need or resolve that issue. Then spend your time refining and implementing that plan with enthusiasm and pride until it is a seamless process. When I can anticipate a caller’s need or can be multiple steps into resolving an issue before they finish expressing it, I know I have succeeded.

Q. What is the best part of working in a call center?

A. For me, it’s the ever-evolving nature of the business. There is always something new to learn or analyze and there is always a new opportunity to grow.

Q. What is the difference between an answering service and a call center?

A. The caller’s experience. As an answering service, we are passing along information in order for a resolution to come from elsewhere. As a call center, we are the source of the information and the cause of the resolution. In a call center atmosphere, there is a sense of ownership and responsibility as well as an opportunity to really affect the customer’s sense of satisfaction.

Q. What type of phone calls do you handle?

A. Simple message taking to full-service customer support and everything in between!

Q. How do you like to interact with customers?

A. I really get a thrill out of resolving issues. I feel like I’ve really succeeded when someone comes to me with a problem and I am able to offer them a complete resolution by the time they hang up the phone.

Q. What type of skill sets do you have?

A. The communication and listening skills I have honed over the years are essential to this job, along with attention to detail and an ability to multitask. However, I think just as important are a strong sense of responsibility, the ability to be a team player and a positive outlook.

Q. What do you like best working for Westpark Communications?

A. Hands down, the answer is the people I work with. There is an energy and a camaraderie happening in the office on any given day that drives me to be better and work smarter. I enjoy being around my coworkers. In addition, the Team Leads and Supervisory staff are the most helpful and genuinely caring people I have ever worked for. They set you up for success in a way I have never experienced at any other company I have worked for.

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