American Heart Association Fundraiser Wrap-Up

At Westpark Communications, we’re proud to announce we’ve recently wrapped up another group of fundraising events for the American Heart Association. It’s a charity that’s long been important to us, and we continue to hold various events annually to make a difference in our local community.


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In October, we made various fundraising efforts that we want our loyal customers and others in the Houston area to know about. Three key events were held: A 5K Heart Walk, a Cook and Baker Participation, and a personal walking contest with the use of an app tracker to log walking laps.

All events were successful in raising money. However, we want to present details of each fundraiser to show how our customers and other community members can give back to the AHA. You’ll discover just how much your donations help those who struggle with heart disease in Texas and across the globe.


2018 Northwest Harris County Heart Walk

The Northwest Houston Heart Walk took place on the morning of October 27 at Lone Star College-University Park near the Energy & Manufacturing Institute Building. We’re thrilled to announce how successful this was thanks in large part to our HR manager, Monica Butler.

Her organizing skills are top-tier as noted by one of our employees at our company:

“Monica, I will also like to THANK YOU! Thank you for ALL that you do! I know you put your greatest effort and time for us to meet our AHA Goal! Not only are you a rock star but an AMAZING person overall!!!”

As a result of Monica’s coordinating efforts, we raised several hundred dollars a day (for two different days) through our events, leading to over $1,000 in total. What’s most important is these donations go to help create scientific breakthroughs that one day may even save your own life. It’s all part of the AHA’s initiative to improve the heart health of all Americans by 2020. They’ll do this by helping to reduce deaths from heart disease and stroke by 20%.

On a larger scale, the AHA works hard to fund innovative research to make the above goal possible. They also advocate for stronger public health policies and public health education. Each year, they deliver science-based treatment guidelines for healthcare professionals so they can help give quality care to their patients.

Donations to the AHA from our local community go toward funding all of the above, plus so much more. Ultimately, it’s you who helps save lives by giving back.

Now you see why we invest time to organize events for the AHA. This year’s events involved more organization and detail while still having fun.


Wearing Company T-Shirts at the 5K Walk Event




At the Heart Walk, our President and CEO (Kathie Edwards) purchased t-shirts for all participants to wear. These were company shirts, helping us to look uniform as we walk for the cause.

Twenty-eight employees signed up to participate in the walk event with their families. This was a lot of people helping a wonderful cause while raising awareness for the American Heart Association.

The day of the event, participants had to meet at 7:45 AM to take a company photo at our headquarters. Then the walk occurred at 9:00 a.m., making for a busy day.

We almost reached our target goal. Yet, it’s not too late for more donations through the AHA site.


Cook and Baker Participation

What better way to raise money than to hold a baking fundraiser? Many of our employees participated, making it another successful fundraising event.

These were separate fundraising efforts by our employees. Our staff were placed into ten different teams with a team lead and 3-12 employees in each group.

Participants made such delicious fare as tamales, chicken fajitas, and tacos. Some of our employees set up a taco bar complete with ground beef, sides, and fixings. Family members of some of our employees also pitched in to help prepare the chicken fajitas. Breakfast tacos were additionally on the menu before the walk began. Various employee family members took part in creating these as well.

A salad bar, spaghetti, and hotdog plates were further additions to this fundraiser. Plus, you can’t have fun with a cook and bake participation without having some sweet things. Some participants made and bought delicious desserts like cupcakes and sliced marble cake.


Internal October Monthly Walk Contest

Before the fundraising began, we organized an internal walk contest that involved employees using a Walk Tracker App on their phone. The use of this app would help track who had the most laps walking on their own through October. It works by showing day and mileage to log and keep track of each participant’s steps.

To add to the fun, we held a Coke fundraiser on a separate day. Employees used their breaks and lunches to get their steps in while they participated. We only hope they were able to cool off with a Coke after counting their steps.

Employees could walk as often as they wanted during breaks, when walking alone, or with a group. Employees at our Houston corporate location and our Nashville office were invited to join this contest.

The winner ultimately received a $50 gift card to DSW to buy a pair of running shoes after completing 6.65 miles.

Our walking contest was just one example of how companies can give back by setting up internal contests that get employees involved and raise awareness of a cause.


How Can You Give Back to the AHA?


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All of us at Westpark Communications encourage you to get involved with the AHA and participate in heart-healthy events.

It’s simple to donate. If you’re a business preferring to give a cash donation at a fundraiser, you have four easy methods to make this work:

  • Giving cash outright.
  • Payroll deductions.
  • Check donations.
  • Pay directly to the AHA website, which is available to everyone.

Go to to make your donation now. With statistics continually showing heart disease as the leading cause of death in men and women, our company wants to continue educating and emphasizing healthy lifestyles.

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