Press Release: Top Work Place of 2018

We’re proud to announce that the Houston Chronicle recently named our Westpark Communications as one of the top places to work in the Houston area. This announcement comes after keeping the news a secret from our employees for a while.

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Westpark Employees at the Royal Sonesta Galleria in Houston, TX to celebrate the Top Workplaces Awards Dinner

The award is the result of a third-party survey we sent to our employees in recent months. Fortunately, participation in this survey was higher than any other participating company.

Thanks to over 65% of our employees taking part, we’ve achieved a wider view of how our staff feel working for us. Significant feedback like this helps us improve our business operations for the months and years to come.

We appreciate everyone’s participation and feel proud we were one of only 150 companies included out of 2,300 in the Houston Chronicle list.

Evidence continues to build on what makes our business so outstanding to work for in Houston. Building on this will only make us better in serving businesses throughout our local community.


Our online reviews continually give us insight into how we provide top-tier call center services for businesses at all levels. For instance, one of our former employees wrote a five-star review on Glassdoor that makes us proud to provide such an outstanding work environment:

“When I arrived to be a call sales rep, I entered into a nice, professional and friendly work environment enough that I was able and comfortable recommending Westpark to others. Westpark was able to be flexible with my hours which allowed me to work, go to school and receive good pay. Overall Management was amazing, and had an open door for any issues or concerns. This was a great experience that I can take with me to other job opportunities.”

What makes this review especially meaningful is this employee has taken what they learned in our company and applied it to their own professional goals while attending college.

You see evidence of this in other reviews, especially from another person who worked for us as a major professional stepping stone:

Transparency, availability of overtime, great management and team lead (Laura, Lola & Wendy), friendly work environment, consistent work schedule, high morale, and just an overall great learning experience and work environment at the Houston location. The CEO was on site often, and very approachable. She even ate in our break room some times, and never failed to greet anyone with a smile or “Good Morning”.

It’s not often you find a company where the CEO eats lunch with their employees. It’s the type of work environment we continue to nurture so our call center employees feel valued.

Our Company Culture

Westpark Employees Snap Photo Outside the Office Before Taking a Shuttle to the Dinner

Discovering what it’s like to work at Westpark Communications also comes from those still working for us. Some good examples come from our HR manager, Monica Butler, and our Operations manager, Laura Lehne.

As Monica notes in one of our videos on our careers page, Westpark Communications creates a feeling of a home away from home. Laura expands on this by noting that everyone is treated like family.

Many of our longtime employees started out as receptionists and worked their way up to management positions. Monica and Laura are good examples of the growth potential in our company. They’ve both been with us for a while, and they’ve seen how we’ve grown as an organization with technology and business processes.

Now with 50 years of serving nationwide in addition to the Houston area, our goal is to maintain this close-knit employee approach.

Forming Our Company Culture With Our CEO, Kathie Edwards

Westpark Communications' CEO Kathie Edwards at Top Workplaces Gala

From left to right: Josh, IT Manager; Monica, HR Manager, Ted, Kathie’s Husband; Kathie, President & CEO; Edna, Founder

In our careers page video, you’ll see our CEO, Kathie Edwards, expand on the kind of company culture we create. The family atmosphere we nurture comes from our company being a family-run effort.

Kathie’s mother, Edna, started the company in 1968 with her sister. Kathie eventually began to work for the company in the late 1970’s while still in high school.

They eventually worked together to run the company until the beginning of the internet era. Kathie took over full-time as CEO just when the internet was starting to go public.

She’s led all ensuing changes in technologies that call centers demand today. At the same time, she’s continued the positive company culture Edna started five decades ago.

Benefits to the End User

A major benefit to working for Westpark Communications is the extensive knowledge that we provide to our employees in relation to Houston’s business community. We arm employees with decades of insight into historically local booming industries such as oil & gas, retail electricity, and legal firms to which they use for their own professional growth.

Businesses often have the task of deciding whether to start a call center on their own or to outsource. Local businesses benefit immensely when they find out how much more efficient they can get by outsourcing. More so, they’re able to find a call center designed for specific industries, like commercial property management. Our call center teams have thorough knowledge of these industries so they understand what’s needed in the way of lead qualification and customer demand.

Happy Employees Equate to Happy Business Customers

SYB, JCW,AMT, MAM & WYB - Landscape

Employees Taking Picture Outside the Hotel Lobby

Evidence continues to show that when employees are happy, this spreads to customers as well. It’s something to take to heart when looking for a proper employer. As Forbes notes, much of this occurs over the long-term and behind the scenes.

We’ve certainly taken this philosophy to heart, giving us many decades to nurture the type of culture we continually cultivate. A lot of our business customers aren’t always aware of the environment we set behind-the-scenes. Nevertheless, we strive to make this apparent through our work.

Many of the companies we work for have to communicate with our team regularly to pass on messages or in dealing with support. Our attitudes and philosophy are more than present in this work and other tasks we do for clients 24/7.

We invite you to consider working for our company so you can see why the Houston Chronicle chose us as one of the best companies of the year. Start the process by reaching us through our careers page.

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