What is a Legal Intake Expert?

If you’re thinking lately about using call center services in your law firm, certain features are available now you possibly didn’t think you’d need. This is why you should ask them about their niche industries because many of them offer more than just taking inbound calls. When you find a call center made specifically for law firms, you’ll notice “legal intake expert” as a common term.

Those of you new to this service might feel confused about what legal intake is and why you need experts. In a nutshell, it’s a service that qualifies your leads as a faster vetting process for prospective clients.

Take a look at the details of what a legal intake expert does if you outsource to a call center service.


Qualifying Clients 24/7

The first major benefit of hiring legal intake experts is their continued availability when you close for the day. Your law firm obviously won’t operate around the clock, no matter if you put in occasional overtime. Even if you still work on call, your receptionists aren’t going to work into the night without complaints.

Don’t place any heavy burdens on them when you know you could receive more calls than you can count. Many of your clients may call in the nighttime hours due to unforeseen circumstances.

For instance, if you’re a personal injury attorney, some of your potential clients are probably calling in the middle of the night after experiencing car accidents.

How are you going to field their calls? This is the role of the legal intake expert who will already have knowledge of your legal niche. They’ll be able to know if you can realistically take on a client based on the latter’s particular case.

Eliminating Voicemail

Another value to using legal intake is they’re real people rather than a voicemail service. Your firm may already depend on voicemails often, though it’s not a good plan when callers need your legal help now.

Potential clients want a live person to find out if they can get legal assistance quickly. No one wants to go through an accident or other legal situation and have to wait 24 hours before you return their call.

Being able to talk to a real human being will improve your firm’s reputation. Despite living in an AI world where robotic voices constantly greet us during calls, never underestimate how valuable a real person is in gathering client information.

Insight into the Client

Legal intake experts will talk directly to callers like a good friend and gather data to help prospects with their own time as well as your own.

First, your experts will gather information on the legal challenge the caller has and whether you could really help them. Your team will also determine whether the caller has the finances available to take on an attorney.

These aspects help organize leads so you don’t waste time on a client you know you can’t logically help. Likewise, they’ll appreciate knowing immediately whether you can truly represent them. When they need legal help the same day, it’s better to have your experts guide them to other firms better able to handle their legal predicament.

Considering how expensive and time-consuming legal issues are, no one wants to waste time on either end.

Answering Pertinent Questions

When someone calls needing help, they will have a million questions they need answered at the moment. Legal intake experts are already well-versed in your legal niche, meaning they can answer basic legal questions over the phone.

You may already have an FAQ on your law firm’s website. Regardless, these aren’t always comprehensive. The legal industry has many curveball questions that a prospective client may ask.

This is why your legal intake team is so valuable in appeasing callers during a moment of crisis. On your end, it saves you time having to answer a million questions callers need answered.

You’re likely on the go most of the day, spending time on client cases. Not having to handle FAQs alone will save your entire legal team time to focus on other things.

Telling the Client What to Expect

Some callers are perhaps calling you for the first time if they are not completely familiar with the legal process.

These callers need a good call center service to help ease their minds about what to expect. Your legal intake team helps them understand what’s involved in working with your firm. Providing a level of trust like this is also an invaluable tool to nurture loyal clients for the future.

Passing on knowledge about what to expect will make for a more relaxed client when you meet them face-to-face. Due to the stress they’re already going through, bringing their mind at ease thanks to a thoughtful call center service spreads the positive word about your firm.

Bilingual Abilities

You can increase your client roster when you take on clients who can only speak Spanish. Quality legal intake experts have bilingual capability when taking calls.

The more fluent they are in Spanish, the better to help represent everyone in your local area rather than only a few. Your team will also be able to explain complex legal idioms in the language.

Now you can see why outsourcing a call center service is so important based on these skills. The training time to teach on-site call agents another language and other skills would become too overwhelming.

Setting Appointments

You may finally realize your firm’s phone call volume is in the hundreds per day now. Being able to handle all those calls is impossible for the receptionists you have in your office.

Setting appointments is an important part of this, something your legal intake experts do with aplomb. Lead qualification is a major component to ensure these prospects keep their appointments.

At Westpark Communications, we offer legal intake experts through our superior call center service. We’ll provide the benefits above, plus so much more, including quickly relaying messages to your office or mobile devices.

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