How A Legal Call Center Can Save You The Business You May Be Losing

When the phone rings at your law firm, do you have an answering service in place to answer it?

Linking up with a legal call center can help your law firm save both time and money, all while having a real live person on the other end. With all the phone calls funneling in each day from clients, potential clients, attorneys, and other professionals, a legal call center can make every aspect of running a law firm easier.


Plus, an answering service for your law firm can actually help you obtain new business.

If those answering the phone are bilingual (and at Westpark Communications, our virtual receptionists are…), potential clients who speak another language won’t fall through the cracks. For law firms that handle anything from individuals seeking tort representation to an individual inquiring about legal counseling, it can be difficult to rely on a single receptionist.

Using a call service costs only the fraction of what it would cost to keep a single in-house receptionist employed (and overworked), but you don’t have to sacrifice that in-person experience. Legal call centers offer a live person at the end of every phone call, and a live voice can make all the difference. These actual people can help connect potential clients to the resources and services your law firm offers, in real time and in a highly specialized way, until those potentials become actual clients.

Legal answering services are available 24/7, so you never have to worry about any hours that your phones will need to be off line.

Working with a legal call center can help your law practice grow—no matter how large or how small it is right now.

Without needing to change any of your current firm’s current infrastructure or platforms, incorporating a legal answering service is seamless. Our legal intake receptionists standing by at Westpark Communications are polite, professional, and highly effective at capturing new clients. Our answering service receptionists are also bilingual, which is a trait that is non-negotiable in the field of law these days and which can significantly boost your client base.

Joining forces with Westpark Communications is like creating an extension of your office. We help supplement your integrity, your ideas, your professionalism, and help you generate higher levels of customer service and a responsiveness that is difficult to match.

Working with a virtual receptionist at a legal answering service means that the work week doesn’t have to be between Monday through Friday and 9 to 5. Instead, lead generation and client on boarding can continue to take place during evenings, weekends, after hours, and during vacation dates.

For over 20 years, our client sensitivity, bilingual staff, and our keen sense of professionalism have been at the heart of our call center services for attorneys. We’re confident Westpark Communications is just what you’ve looking for, especially if you’re ready to stop losing business. Ready to get started?

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