Why Spanish Bilingual Answering Services Matter For Your Law Firm

No matter the size of your law firm or the scope of law your lawyer’s practice, having a bilingual answering service matters. Do you currently have the resources on hand to handle calls from clients and potential clients who speak a language that differs from you own native tongue?


Have you ever considered hiring a bilingual attorney answering service to help grow your law firm and attract new clients?



As the Hispanic community continues to grow here in the United States, having resources on hand and a bilingual customer service department that is apt and able in assisting those potential clients whose first language is not English is becoming more and more non-negotiable.


Are You Ready to Find the Resources That Can Help You Succeed? 


legal.pngLawyers these days are receiving calls from Spanish-speaking clients who are in need of lawyers for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps these potential clients are looking for a lawyer to represent them in a personal injury case, for criminal defense, divorce, or bankruptcy.


If your law firm is lacking in the resources to answer and understand this first and important initial point of contact, you will be losing business. If your law firm isn’t able to understand this individual, as soon as this potential client hangs up the phone, they will be calling the next law firm on their list eager to share their story, their situation, and their business with them.


A professional answering service with a bilingual staff who can answer, understand, and help direct a Spanish speaking client to the resources they need can help you build your business . . . all without breaking the bank.


Finding a professional answering service that seamlessly blends into the fabric of your law firm while still providing high levels of customer service and direction to the client is invaluable. Your law firm can’t afford to miss out. At Westpark Communications, we’re not in business to help you lose clients—we’re in the business to help you gain more. Don’t ever lose another potential client again.


Besides answering and screening clients, our virtual receptionists can also help respond to e-mail inquiries, assist with online web portal access, and participate in bilingual web chat interactions on your website for potential clients who are searching for your services on the Internet.


Our call center offers 24/7 live support and call answering that can truly transform your day-to-day business operations. When looking to streamline and make certain elements of the workday more efficient, hiring a legal call center can make all the difference in the world, especially during the particularly busy times when advertisements for your law firm are airing or when client intake is especially high.


For over 20 years, our client sensitivity, bilingual staff, and keen sense of professionalism have been at the heart of our call center services for attorneys. We’re confident Westpark Communications is just what you’re looking for. Ready to get started?


To learn more about how to begin, visit our website: Call Center Guide for Lawyers, Attorneys, & Law Firms.

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