Former CIO Josh Patten appointed as President of Westpark Communications

Man with glasses wearing a blue shirt and tieHouston, TX — November 16, 2023 —Westpark Communications is pleased to announce the appointment of Josh Patten as the company’s new President following the recent passing of President and CEO Kathie Edwards in June 2023. Mr. Patten, former CIO and IT Manager, has taken the reins with a bold vision: to make Westpark Communications the premier communications solution for businesses worldwide.

Josh Patten brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role, having served in various capacities within the information technology industry for over two decades. His vision for Westpark Communications reflects a commitment to innovation, service excellence, and a determination to provide businesses with the most advanced communication solutions.

“I’m deeply honored to lead Westpark Communications into this new chapter,” said Mr. Patten. “Kathie Edwards left a remarkable legacy, and I am dedicated to building upon her vision. We are entering an era of unparalleled connectivity and communication, and I see tremendous opportunities for Westpark Communications to play a pivotal role in empowering businesses across the world.”

Under Josh Patten’s leadership, Westpark Communications will focus on several key initiatives:

Cutting-Edge Technology: Westpark Communications will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology to offer a wide range of communication solutions, including call center services, virtual receptionist services, customer service outsourcing, business process outsourcing, and omnichannel communication strategies.

Company Vision: The company aims to be the communication solution to every business in the world. 

Unparalleled Customer Service: Westpark Communications is committed to providing exceptional customer service, making it easy for businesses to train our training staff once, and then we train our agent staff indefinitely.

Kathie Edwards, former President and CEO of Westpark Communications, was known for her dedication to her employees and clients. Josh Patten is determined to carry forward this legacy of commitment and excellence.

“We have one of the best teams I have ever worked with at Westpark Communications, and I believe in the strength of our workforce,” Mr. Patten emphasized. “Our employees are the backbone of our success, and together, we will strive to make Westpark Communications the communication solution of choice for businesses across the globe.”

As President, Josh Patten is leading Westpark Communications and paving the way for the company to be an industry leader. His extensive information technology experience and visionary approach make him well-suited to propel Westpark Communications to new heights.

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About Westpark Communications:
Westpark Communications is a leading provider of communication solutions for businesses. With a strong focus on technology and exceptional customer service, the company offers call center services, virtual receptionist services, customer service outsourcing, business process outsourcing, and omnichannel communication strategies. Under the leadership of President Josh Patten, Westpark Communications aims to be the go-to communication solution for businesses worldwide.

Press Contact:
Diana Moreno
Marketing Manager
Westpark Communications

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