Missing Calls Means Losing Business

Why You Should Use a Property Management Answering Service

The life of a property manager is a busy one. From sunup to sundown the day is filled with showing properties, signing leases, inspecting properties, managing marketing, and responding to client calls for repairs. Due to all of the time spent outside of the office and holding appointments, it can be easy to miss a phone call. In the property business, missing a phone call might mean missing a sale.

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Currently, due to the state of the housing market and the housing crises in popular cities, property rentals are in high demand. Customers are not willing and do not have the luxury of time to wait around hoping someone will call them back after leaving a message. Additionally, customers are privy to having their questions answered right away. Usually, the first phone call a customer makes is an inquiry to see if the company fits their needs. If incoming questions are not heard by a live person, a customer will move on to the next company in hopes of having their needs met.

Although the obvious solution to missed phone calls might be hiring a customer service representative, it is not always the most cost-effective solution. Hiring an employee means paying their wage, offering benefits, and managing their schedule, which creates more work for the property manager. Believe it or not, there is a better solution.

Hiring an answering service or customer service company provides a cost-effective, realistic solution for those property managers who are missing phone calls and missing sales. An answering service can be trained to answer questions for a specific company, and even to assist in the sales process. Representatives from these companies are knowledgeable, professional, and give customers only the best service, which means that the business makes more sales.

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