Press Release: Houston Company Celebrates 50-Year Legacy of Perseverance and Success

Even with all the changes in the modern business environment, the ability to communicate remains vital. Regardless of how digital a company may be, an employee must still interact with colleagues, potential clients, and customers. However, few entry-level jobs offer the opportunity to both reinforce communication skills by working closely with various companies and improve your potential for an upwardly mobile career, be it in in Houston or throughout the country. Founded in 1968 as Westpark Answering Services, Westpark Communications is a second-generation woman-owned company that has elevated countless employees into outstanding careers.

The company’s co-founders, Edna Burgan Wesneski and Joyce Landers, were corporate pioneers in 1968. To establish their first Westpark Answering Service office, they were required to ask their husbands to come sign the lease. “As married women, we were prohibited from signing legal documents without our husbands’ signatures,” recalls Edna.

Given the institutional bias the sisters repeatedly faced, it’s no wonder they ran their company with a determination to propel all employees toward success. Edna’s daughter Kathie witnessed this resolve firsthand as a part-time employee in 1979 while still in high school. At the time, Westpark Answering Service had 200 clients, a number that dipped precipitously to just 89 clients during the impending oil crisis.

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